TiqIQ was founded four years ago with the singular mission to make buying event tickets more transparent, efficient, and simpler. We deliver on that mission each day by providing ticket buyers with real-time information on the latest price trends, and access to the best deals from all sellers--for any event.

Since launching, we’ve grown to become the largest aggregator of event tickets online, reaching millions of consumers a month through TiqIQ.com, as well as our network of nearly 1,500 publishers, that consist of the best sports and music sites online. In addition to giving TiqIQ visitors access to the best deals on the market, we also use our market-leading ticket analytics data to cover the ticket market through original content and perspectives that we publish on our blog as well as through partners like Forbes and Grantland. Some of these track trends in real time for big events like the Super bowl, while others take a deeper dive into longer-term trends.

Whether on TiqIQ.com, a partner site, on Facebook or Twitter, our platform connects seamlessly with fans interested in getting all the information they need to see their favorite teams, artist and shows. We rank every deal on the TiqIQ site based on it’s discount to the average price for the zone that it’s in, so you get a clear sense for whether you’re getting the best possible deal.


The TiqIQ team consists of avid sports and entertainment fans, interested in anything that’s driving ticket prices up or down. As kids, we got a thrill by waiting until 5 minutes after opening pitch to get the best deal. Using the latest Web-based technology, we bring that same bargain-hunting mentality online, to help you find the best deals every day. We think it’s time to put the ticket buyer back in control, in a safe, secure and totally transparent environment. Using our tools, real-time data and collection of the best sellers online, we’re here to help do exactly that.

With decades of collective experience at companies and teams ranging from IAC, MediaMath, The New Jersey Devils, AOL, Steiner Sports, and the NBA, we think we’re the right team for the job! TiqIQ is backed by the prominent venture capital firms Contour Venture Partners and iNovia Capital. We’re also happy to count an active roster of angel investors who have held executive level positions at companies like MediaMath, Google, Yahoo, Cox Media, NBC Sports and Hearst.

Feel free to reach out with questions, comments, suggestions or ideas! You can reach me directly at JesseLawrence@TiqIQ.com or send any general inquiries to ContactUs@TiqIQ.com