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History Of The College Football Championship Game

Everyone knows that there is always some controversy surrounding who plays (or doesn’t play) in the BCS National Championship for college football’s top trophy every year. That will happen when the two best teams in a sport are at least partially decided by rankings and a computer system. What isn’t up for debate, however, is the value of the coveted BCS tickets that get devoted college football fans in the door to see the top two teams in the nation go head to head.

With so much analysis and stock going into every game from day one of the college football season, the actual value of each year’s NCAA title game starts growing before the games even do. After all, with the way the BCS goes down, one loss for even the best team in the country can be absolutely devastating. It’s that type of vulnerability of the college football schedule that makes the NCAA football championship so pure, and why so many do what it takes to be in the stadium when the final game of the year kicks off.

Under the current BCS format that we see today and have since 1998, fans have been blessed with some intense moments and some epic blowouts. BCS tickets were arguably their most difficult to get back when the University of Texas and USC (University of Southern California) went to battle in 2005, a game that pitted Heisman Trophy stars Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush and the defending champion Trojans against quarterback Vince Young’s Texas Longhorns. Texas won that game on a last-second play by Young, easily making fan’s purchase of BCS tickets that year well worth the steep price.

In the BCS title game history, we have mostly witnessed the SEC dominate the college landscape, as Alabama, Florida, LSU, Tennessee and Auburn have combined to forge an astonishing 8-1 record in the BCS National Championship game over time. Needless to say, fans down south were scurrying for BCS tickets over the past 14 years, and haven’t been all that sad about the final outcome too often.

In fact, the SEC is responsible six NCAA champions in a row from 2005-2011. While Alabama dished out a one-sided blowout in 2011 to fellow SEC alum LSU, Auburn is remembered for being the winner in the most recent “worthwhile” BCS title event that had BCS ticket holders more than satisfied.

Not only did the 2010 BCS title game between Auburn and Oregon feature a superstar in the making in quarterback Cam Newton, but it also came down to the final moments, with Newton guiding Auburn to a narrow 22-19 victory. The game was a nail-biter throughout, and many suspected it was headed for an epic overtime battle before the Tigers pulled it out in regulation.

Auburn and Texas aren’t the only BCS champs to gain the trophy by squeaking out a close win, however. In fact, up until 2011, four other BCS title games have been decided by 10 points or less. The BCS national championship game started that way, in fact, with the Tennessee Volunteers topping the Florida State Seminoles by the score of 23-16. The Ohio State Buckeyes also edged out the Miami Hurricanes in 2002, 31-24, in a game famously known for a devastating knee injury sustained by star running back Willis McGahee. McGahee was hit in the knee by the helmet of safety Donnie Nelson, and tore several ligaments, putting his NFL future in jeopardy.

The LSU Tigers and the Florida Gators are responsible for the other two close matchups, with the Tigers beating the Oklahoma Sooners 21-14 in 2003 and Florida getting past number one ranked Oklahoma 24-14 behind the leadership of Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin.

While Tebow is known now for his unlikely run with the Denver Broncos and as a polarizing figure in sports, his presence alone in the 2008 BCS National Championship game made it worth obtaining BCS tickets. Easily regarded as one of the greatest college football players of all-time, Tebow also played a helping hand in a second national championship game win back in 2006, his freshman season. But more importantly, Tebow helped Florida further establish the SEC’s hold on the BCS title game.

Aside from the SEC and the recent exciting BCS championship matchups, the final game of the NCAA football year is coveted on its own simply due to the fact that the top two teams get to square off at the end of the year. Who those top two teams end up being and exactly how they get to be the top two teams is highly debatable, but for the most part, the BCS system works and delivers what college football fans are expecting and hoping for.

The system is heavily criticized and comes with controversy at times, but has time and time again delivered a suitable national champion for those who paid good money for BCS tickets. And while any championship game has its fair share of blowouts due to the best team sometimes being way better than everyone else, the BCS title game has also handed out some of the best college football games in history.

While change is on its way in terms of the exact route to a national champion, BCS tickets are still sure to be at high demand due to the stage and high-profile players and teams routinely involved year after year.

In 2014 the Florida State Seminoles won the final BCS National Championship game, defeating Auburn by the score of 34-31. Next year college football will move to a playoff system with the College Football Championship game being played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

College Football Championship Game Venues

While big name players and NCAA teams with rich histories get fans to go all out for BCS tickets every year on their own, the great venues college football’s grandest event is held in every year do their part as well. The sport has come a long way from its old days of having team’s host games themselves, and as of 2012 has been engaged in a four-location rotation involving Arizona, Louisiana, Florida and California.

The rotation is a humorous fit, since the SEC has dominated the BCS title game in recent memory, while LSU (Louisiana), Florida and USC (Southern California) have all frequented one of college sports’ biggest events.

The first ever BCS title game was played in Tempe, Arizona in Sun Devil Stadium, and went down as a barn-burner between Tennessee and Florida State. It’s only fitting that an SEC team got things rolling, but it was even more fitting for those who purchased BCS tickets that year, as the two teams gave fans an excellent contest; something the BCS stage would come to offer as the years went on.

Louisiana is home to the highest-scoring performance by any one team, as the University of Southern California (USC) holds the record for most points in a game with 55 in a win over Oklahoma in the 2004 BCS title game. Miami comes in second, as hometown crew Florida State put a whoopin’ on Virginia Tech back in the second ever BCS championship game, by the score of 46-29.

The lowest scoring game in BCS title game history came by the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners in 2000, when they held on to beat the Florida State Seminoles by a score of 13-2. Florida State managed no offense and only recorded a safety in this one, in a game for the most part dominated by the Sooners. To makes matters worse, the poor showing came in front of the Seminoles’ own supporters, as Oklahoma embarrassed them on their own turf at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida. Florida State isn’t alone, though, and the BCS National Championship game has actually seen a worse loser. The 2012 BCS title game brought us true sadness, as the Alabama Crimson Tide won their second national championship game in three tries by toppling over the LSU Tigers, 21-0. The most interesting aspect of this game was the fact that the Tigers were undefeated (13-0) and entered the final game of the year as the SEC champs. In fact, LSU had previously handed Alabama their only loss of the season. Even worse, LSU went down as the first team to be shutout in a college football national championship game since the 1992 Orange Bowl, and was also responsible for the first ever BCS title game shutout.

While the final score of the NCAA title game is generally all that really matters, the big names and numbers that take the stage are equally interesting, especially considering that they come with everything on the line and with the whole nation watching. On top of helping Texas claim its first BCS title back in 2006, quarterback Vince Young smashed some records in the process. Against USC, Young set records for most rushing touchdowns (3), rushing yards (200) and total yardage (467). Fittingly enough, he even won the game with his legs in the waning seconds.

Young is far from the only big name with a huge statistical showing, however. Matt Leinart, who lost to Young’s Longhorns in 2006, threw a BCS record five touchdowns in a win over Oklahoma in 2005. Some other incredible marks left on the BCS title game over the years are receptions (11) by Kellen Winslow of Miami, receiving yards (199) by Peerless Price (as well as Andre Johnson) in the inaugural BCS title game, and tackles (18) by Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis in a 2008 loss to the LSU Tigers.

In its still fairly young but rich history, the BCS National Championship game has mostly been featured in Louisiana, Florida and California. Louisiana leads the way with four hosted college football title games, with Florida and California tied with three hosted games. Arizona, also part of the four-location rotation, has also hosted three BCS title game events, but two were in Tempe and the third was in Glendale.

Louisiana has arguably found the least success in terms of showcasing the best games, as only one of the four BCS title games was decided by less than 10 points. Miami is known for the 55-point drubbing the Trojans dropped on the Sooners, but just as known for the paltry 13-2 contest involving the Seminoles and Sooners. California has arguably hosted the most explosive games, as Miami ripped off 37 points in a win over Nebraska back in 2001, in a game that featured Heisman winner and human highlight reel, Eric Crouch. California also was home to the highest combined scoring effort (79 points) and arguably the greatest BCS title game of all-time, when their hometown Trojans narrowly fell to the Texas Longhorns, 41-38. Add in a solid 37-21 battle between Alabama and Texas, and California makes a case for the best venue to this point.

With that said, it’s tough to leave out (or top) Arizona as a host, as they hosted the first ever BCS National Championship game, and aside from one blowout (Florida over Ohio State), has had games all decided by seven points or less.

Since its inaugural game, the BCS National Championship game has turned into a yearly coveted event in sports; one that decides the best college football team in America. Over time, BCS tickets have grown in demand, with bigger stars taking over, and SEC teams owning the biggest stage in recent years.

Even with the SEC proving it’s dominance, however, the BCS title game remains one of sports’ purest championships; especially in the college ranks.

In 2015 the new College Football Championship game will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

College Football Championship Game News

12-19-14: The 2015 College Football Championship game is still awaiting the winner of the semifinals of the CFB playoff to crown the first new National Champion under the new playoff system. No matter which team advances to the championship game it will be an intriguing matchup. CFB Championship tickets have a current average price of $1749.80 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $666. The game will take place on January 12 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

12-17-14: The 2015 College Football Championship game is scheduled to take place on January 12 in Arlington at AT&T Stadium. According to TiqIQ, tickets in the secondary market for this game have a current average price of $1765.95, with a get in price of $666 as tickets are now up 14 percent over the past week. This is the first year of the CFB playoff as four teams will battle for the right to be crowned National Champions.

12-9-14: The 2015 College Football Championship Game will mark the first-ever matchup stemming from the CFP four-team playoff bracket. It will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on January 12 between the winners of the Sugar and Rose Bowl Games, which will be played on New Year’s Day. The average price for College Football Championship Game tickets is currently $1,612.59 on the secondary market. Get-in price for the game starts at $662. Alabama currently owns the best odds at 13/10 while Oregon trails at 8/5, followed by Ohio State at 11/2 and Florida State at 7/1.

12-30-13: The average price for BCS National Championship tickets is down to $878.94 dollars per seat, which is down 5% since Saturday. There are 7,403 BCS tickets available, down 146 from Saturday. The least expensive BCS ticket is now $410, while the most expensive BCS ticket available is on offer for $2750.

12-28-13: The average price for BCS tickets has continues its downward trend. Prices are no at $930.19, down 21% in the last week. There are now 7549 BCS national championship tickets available. The get-in price remain $425, while the most expensive ticket has actually increased to $3628.

12-26-13: BCS National Championship tickets are now averaging less than $1000. The current average price (as of Thursday morning) for BCS tickets is $966.60, down 27% in the last week. There are now 9297 BCS tickets available on TiqIQ. The current most expensive BCS ticket is $3570 and the least expensive is $425. Florida State is favored by 7.5 points to win the game against Auburn at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

12-24-13: BCS National Championship tickets are the least expensive BCS tickets we've seen since we started tracking data in 2009. Currently, the average price for BCS tickets is $1074.69, down 31% over the last seven days, and down 69% from when prices peaked at $3514 back in October. The get-in price for BCS Tickets is now at $470 and the most expensive ticket available is $3628, just above the average price back in October.

12-22-13: As of Sunday morning there were 6,941 BCS tickets now available on TiqIQ. The average price for BCS National Championship tickets is $1127.83, which is down 35% in the last seven days. The get in price is $438 dollars ($519 with fees) and the most expensive BCS ticket currently available is $3,750 in Section 19, row 23.

12-20-13: BCS National Championship tickets are now averaging $1,207.04, down 33% over the last seven days. The quantity of BCS tickets available is 8,305. Fans of the Auburn Tigers or Florida State Seminoles can get into the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for as low as $498. On the other hand, the most expensive tickets currently available are on offer for $3,710.

12-19-13: There are now 7292 BCS National Championship tickets available on TiqIQ.com. The average price is $1,278.59, which is down 32% this week. The cheapest available BCS tickets are $523 and the most expensive are $4,450.

12-17-13: There has been a lot of movement with prices for BCS National Championship tickets over the last week. Currently, the average price for BCS tickets is $1371.21, down 33% this week. There are currently 6,767 available with prices starting at $593 and going all the way up to $4,450

12-11-13: There are now 5910 BCS National Championship tickets available with an average price of $1827.55. Prices are down 21% this week. On the low end, fans can get their BCS Tickets for $785. The most expensive BCS ticket available is currently $4601.11.

12-9-13: BCS National Championship tickets are currently averaging $1864 after falling 15% in the past week with a get-in price of $807. This is the cheapest BCS tickets have been in four years.

12-8-13: Auburn and Florida State will meet in this year's BCS National Championship game. Auburn beat Missouri in the SEC Championship game on Saturday, while FSU blew out Duke in the ACC Championship. Ohio State looked like they were a sure thing, but they lost the Big Ten Championship to Michigan State.

12-5-13: BCS National Championship tickets are now averaging $2264.45, up 14% since Saturday's exciting day of college football action. There are 3084 tickets now available starting at $867.

11-25-13: Prices for BCS National Championship tickets are currently down 5% in the last week and sit at $1994.15. There are 3165 tickets now available with prices ranging from $733 to $4983. If nothing changes in the final two weeks of the college football season, the Alabama Crimson Tide will be taking on the Florida State Seminoles on January 6th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

11-21-13: There are currently 2912 BCS National Championship tickets available with an average price of $1998.67. The get-in price is $162.50, and the high price is $4983.

11-3-13: BCS Week 11 Standings: 1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Oregon
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Baylor
7. Clemson
8. Missouri
9. Auburn
10. Oklahoma
11. Miami
12. South Carolina
13. LSU
14. Oklahoma State
15. Texas A&M
16. Fresno State
17. Michigan State
18. Northern Illinois
19. UCLA
20. Louisville
21. UCF
22. Arizona State
23. Notre Dame
24. Wisconsin
25. Texas Tech

10-27-13: BCS Week 10 Standings
1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Baylor
7. Miami
8. Clemson
9. Missouri
10. Oklahoma
11. Auburn
12. Texas A&M
13. LSU
14. South Carolina
15. Texas Tech
16. Fresno State
17. Northern Illinois
18. Oklahoma State
19. Louisville
20. UCLA
21. Michigan
22. Michigan State
23. UCF
24. Wisconsin
25. Notre Dame

10-20-13: BCS Week 9 Standings
1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Oregon
4. Ohio State
5. Missouri
6. Stanford
7. Maimi
8. Baylor
9. Clemson
10. Texas Tech
11. Auburn
12. UCLA
13. LSU
14. Virginia Tech
15. Oklahoma
16. Texas A&M
17. Fresno State
18. Northern Illinois
19. Oklahoma State
20. Lousiville
21. South Carolina
22. Michigan
23. UCF
24. Nebraska
25. Oregon State

Year-By-Year Results


Date Winner Loser Bowl Game Venue
1/4/99 1 Tennessee 23 2 Florida State 16 1999 Fiesta Bowl Sun Devil Stadium - Tempe, Arizona
1/4/00 1 Florida State 46 2 Virginia Tech29 2000 Sugar Bowl Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana
1/3/01 1 Oklahoma 13 2 Florida State 2 2001 Orange Bowl Pro Player Stadium - Miami, Florida
1/3/02 1 Miami (FL) 37 2 Nebraska 14 2002 Rose Bowl Rose Bowl - Pasadena, California
1/1/03 2 Ohio State 31 1 Miami (FL) 24 2003 Fiesta Bowl Sun Devil Stadium - Tempe, Arizona
1/1/04 2 LSU 21 1 Oklahoma 14 2004 Sugar Bowl Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana
1/4/05 1 USC 55 2 Oklahoma 19 2005 Orange Bowl Pro Player Stadium - Miami Gardens, Florida
1/4/06 2 Texas 41 1 USC 38 2006 Rose Bowl Rose Bowl Stadium - Pasadena, California
1/8/07 2 Florida 41 1 Ohio State 14 2007 BCS National Championship Game University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, Arizona
1/7/08 2 LSU 38 1 Ohio State 24 2008 BCS National Championship Game Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana
1/8/09 2 Florida 24 1 Oklahoma 14 2009 BCS National Championship Game Dolphin Stadium - Miami Gardens, Florida
1/7/10 1 Alabama 37 2 Texas 21 2010 BCS National Championship Game Rose Bowl - Pasadena, California
1/10/11 1 Auburn 22 2 Oregon 19 2011 BCS National Championship Game University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, Arizona
1/9/12 2 Alabama 21 1 LSU 0 2012 BCS National Championship Game Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana
1/7/13 2 Alabama 42 1 Notre Dame 14 2013 BCS National Championship Game Sun Life Stadium - Miami Gardens, Florida
1/6/14 Auburn vs Florida State 2014 BCS National Championship Game Rose Bowl - Pasadena, California

College Championship Ticket Prices

Average Price For 2015

Bowl Avg Price
Rose Bowl 2015: $476.11
Sugar Bowl 2015: $3,163.88
College Football Championship Game 2015: $1,916.38

Most Expensive BCS Championship Games Since 2011:

Date Opponent Avg Price
1/10/2011 Auburn vs. Oregon: $5,086
1/09/2012 Alabama vs. LSU: $2,128
1/07/2013 Alabama vs. Notre Dame: $2,047
1/12/2015 TBA: $1,916.38
1/06/2014 FSU vs. Auburn: $1,079

College Championship Video Highlights

Jan 12, 2015
  • Mon
  • 12
  • Jan
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $3000
Jan 12, 2015
  • Mon
  • 12
  • Jan
  • 7:00 PM
  • FROM
  • $787