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Arguably punk-rock’s biggest success story, Green Day went from playing the toilet circuit to headlining stadiums in the short space of a decade, becoming one of the world’s biggest bands in the process. Originally formed under the guise of Sweet Children in 1987, lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer John Kiffmeyer (replaced by Tre Cool in 1990) adopted their more familiar moniker shortly before the release of their 1990 debut album, 39/Smooth. Following 1992 sophomore Kerplunk, Green Day tickets became more attractive to mainstream audiences when they signed a major-label deal with Reprise Records, forged a partnership with producer Rob Cavallo and unleashed their breakthrough LP, Dookie, in 1994. Buoyed by the success of hit single, “Basket Case,” the band embarked on an often shambolic US tour that saw 100 people injured and 45 arrests at a Boston show and Dirnt being assaulted by a security officer after being mistaken for a stage invader during their set at Woodstock ’94. 1995’s Insomniac was a much darker affair while 1997’s eclectic Nimrod spawned their signature hit, the acoustic ballad “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).” However, 2000’s socially-conscious Warning was greeted with a muted response and despite a joint sell-out Pop Disaster Tour with Blink 182 two years later, the general consensus was that their best days were behind them. Instead, Green Day went on to become bigger than they’d ever been thanks to 2004’s politically-charged punk-rock opera American Idiot, which produced several hit singles (“Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,” “Holiday”), became their first US chart-topper and won a Grammy for Best Rock Album. The demand for Green Day tickets was so high that they embarked on a mammoth 150-date world tour in support of the record, with their gig at the Milton Keynes Bowl later described by Kerrang magazine as ‘The Best Show On Earth.’ After releasing a record with side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs, the trio reconvened in 2009 with the double whammy of 21st Century Breakdown and the creation of American Idiot: The Musical, which opened on Broadway to rave reviews a year later. In 2012, they announced they would be releasing a trilogy of albums over a six month period, entitled Uno, Dos and Tre and put Green Day tickets on sale for a 28-date North American tour.

Studio Albums

    Tre! (2012)
    Dos! (2012)
    Uno! (2012)
    21st Century Breakdown (2009)
    American Idiot (2004)
    Shenanigans (2002)
    Warning: (2000)
    Nimrod (1997)
    Dookie (1994)
    Insomniac (1994)
    Kerplunk! (1991)
    1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1990)
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5-12-15: Riding high from last month's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, pop punk royalty Green Day is back demoing new songs for what could be a potential forthcoming record. The quartet last released its trilogy in 2012, which failed to reach the commercial success that was expected of the "American Idiot" creators.

Green Day Tour Dates

2015 Tour Dates

4/16 - Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues

8/28-8/30 - Sparta, KY @ NiFi Festival