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Passion Pit Updates

Passion Pit Bio

Indietronica band Passion Pit has quickly become the leader of the underground indie pop scene. Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, the trio formed in 2007 and is fronted by vocalist Michael Angelakos. Passion Pit released its debut EP “Chunk of Change” in September of 2008 and was soon chosen as the “Best New Local Act in 2008” in the Boston Phoenix music poll. As the band gained a cult following and Passion Pit tickets became more accessible, the group looked to expand their horizons beyond the Greater Boston area.

The band’s first full-length record, “Manners”, was released in the U.S. in May of 2009. It spawned three singles in “The Reeling”, “To Kingdom Come” and “Little Secrets” and helped the band gain significant exposure. Passion Pit then released “Gossamer” in 2012, its second studio album. The album received five singles, with its lead track “Take a Walk” certified gold with 500,000 purchases. It also ranked at number 18 on Under the Radar’s Top 100 Albums of 2012. In its first week of sales, “Gossamer” moved 37,000 units – a career high for Passion Pit.

Passion Pit is set to release their upcoming third full-length “Kindred” in 2015. The lead single is titled “Lifted Up (1985)” and was released in February. As the band continues to grow and hone their innovative sound, Passion Pit tickets will likely remain in high demand when they tour North America and globally.

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