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Rush Biography

Largely ignored by the mainstream, Canadian rock trio Rush have still managed to sell an incredible 40m records worldwide whilst only The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have achieved more consecutive gold/platinum albums. Formed in Willowdale, Toronto in the late 60s, the established line-up of lead vocalist and bassist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart came together the same year they released their self-titled debut through their own Moon Records label in 1974. Inspired by the British blues-rock of Led Zeppelin, Cream and Deep Purple, they began to add elements of sci-fi and fantasy literature into their work with 1975’s Fly By Night and Caress Of Steel and after releasing Rush tickets for their Down The Tubes tour, they achieved their commercial breakthrough with 2112. 1977’s A Farewell To Kings and 1978’s Hemispheres saw the band experiment with complex time signature changes, greater use of synths and lengthy conceptual songs, whilst their prog-rock tendencies were further explored with 1980’s first US Top 5 album Permanent Waves and 1981 follow-up Moving Pictures. 1982’s Signals spawned their only Billboard Top 40 hit, “New World Man,” whilst Rush tickets continued to sell in their droves throughout the decade thanks to a prolific string of releases including the new wave-influenced Grace Under Pressure, the synth-driven Power Windows and live album, A Show Of Hands. Following the best-selling Chronicles compilation, the band returned to a more guitar-oriented sound in the 90s with Roll The Bones, Counterparts and Test For Echo before embarking on their biggest ever tour, An Evening With Rush, across 1996/97. After a self-imposed five-year hiatus, Rush returned in 2002 with Vapor Trails and their first tour in six years, performing to 100,000 fans during just two Brazilian shows alone, one of which was documented with the Rush In Rio CD. Rush tickets were then snapped up for their 30th Anniversary Tour whilst following 2007’s Snakes and Arrows, the band made their first US TV appearance in three decades on The Colbert Report and performed in the hit bromance comedy I Love You, Man. In 2010, they were inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame and were the subject of documentary film, Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage. Whilst after completing their extensive Time Machine tour, the group equalled their highest US chart-placing with 2012’s No.2 album, Clockwork Angels.

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