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Weezer Biography

Responsible for some of the greatest rock videos ever made, Los Angeles quartet Weezer emerged from the tail end of the grunge era with a much-needed playful blend of fuzzed-up power pop, melodic metal and geek chic. Formed in 1992, the original line-up of frontman Rivers Cuomo, guitarist Jason Cropper, bassist Matt Sharp and drummer Patrick Wilson first released Weezer tickets for shows in their hometown shortly after, but played their very first gig opening for Keanu Reeves’ Dogstar. Produced by The Cars Ric Ocasek, their self-titled debut album hit stores in 1994 and spawned a US Top 20 single in the shape of “Buddy Holly.” But it was the song’s Spike Jonze-directed promo, which transported the band onto the set of the Happy Days diner, that unarguably increased the demand for Weezer tickets, winning four MTV Video Music Awards in 1995. After abandoning plans for a space-themed rock opera, the band returned a year later with the release of sophomore Pinkerton and Weezer tickets for an accompanying tour. The band then went on hiatus in order to pursue various side-projects including The Rentals, The Special Goodness and Space Twins. But although Weezer tickets were kept off the market for several years, the band returned to the stage in 1998 under the guise of Goat Punishment for a series of shows in which they played nothing but Nirvana and Oasis covers. Following performances under their more familiar guise at 2000’s Fiji Rock Festival and on the Vans Warped Tour, Weezer tickets went on sale for a tour in support of 2001’s second eponymous effort, which was quickly followed up a year later by Maladroit. Recorded in front of fans with Weezer tickets throughout the first decade of their career, the band’s first DVD, The Video Capture Device, arrived in 2004. Spawning the Grammy-winning US Modern Rock Chart number one, “Beverly Hills,” 2005’s Make Believe saw sales of Weezer tickets skyrocket, and after adding to their tally of Billboard entries with 2008’s The Red Album, the group regularly invited fans with Weezer tickets to join them on stage during their Troublemaker Tour. Following a joint trek with Blink 182 and the release of 2009’s Raditude and 2010’s Hurley, fans snapped up Weezer tickets for the first of the band’s annual Carnival Cruise, and the band’s first Australian tour since 1996. In 2014, the group scored their ninth consecutive Top 20 entry on the Billboard 200 with Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

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