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Miami Marlins history

Major League Baseball serves as a source of entertainment and pride for millions of people every year. In Miami, Florida the hometown heroes are the Miami Marlins. Although a fairly young team, they have an interesting history, punctuated with some recent changes that include a brand new stadium. If you’ve ever had Marlins tickets, you may remember them as the Florida Marlins. Founded in 1993, the Marlins became a part of the National League East Division. The team began their franchise playing at Sun Life Stadium, which they shared with local football team, the Miami Dolphins. On April 5th of their first season, fans who held Florida Marlins tickets witnessed the first home game in Marlin history. These fans were given an extra special treat when the new team beat the Los Angeles Dodgers with a score of 6 to 3. Pitcher Jeff Conine went 4-4 and was eventually given the nickname “Mr. Marlin.” In 1996, the Marlins had a great year that included several milestones, including a Golden Glove awarded to catcher Charles Johnson. AL Leiter also pitched the Marlins’ first no- hitter. However, it was in 1997 that the Marlins first experienced their most exciting season yet. Those with Marlins tickets had the opportunity to be a part of the Florida Marlins first Championship season. The fledgling team beat the Cleveland Indians in seven games to take their first World Series trophy. After this season, team owner Wayne Huizenga sold a vast majority of the team, citing financial difficulties. For the next few years, the team suffered, including a season in which they experienced 108 losses. However, in 2003 the Marlins stunned America when they overpowered baseball giants, the New York Yankees. Fans who’d spent years supporting their team and purchasing Marlins tickets were rewarded with the team’s second World Series victory.

Marlins Park and the fans

After rough seasons in 2004 and 2005, the Marlins started over again by getting rid of several players for other prospects. Although the Marlins improved, they still struggled to impress. However, 2012 marks the beginning of another new era for the Marlins. For the first time, Marlins tickets replaced the word Florida with Miami, the team’s new identifying location. The new Miami Marlins logo also got a makeover, replacing the old marlin logo with a colorful M. The colors have changed as well, going from black and teal to an array of black, yellow, orange and blue. In addition to these changes, Marlins tickets no longer provided admittance to Sun Life Stadium. Instead, fans now watch games in the brand new Marlins Park. Marlins Park employs the use of a retractable roof to provide comfort to fans. The new field was built on the historic site of the original Orange Bowl, but is modern in its construction, considered by many to be contemporary. The Marlins Park also plays tribute to the city of Miami with its decorations, amenities, and food. The walls behind the home plate backstop are an aquarium with live tropical fish, and there’s a nightclub and swimming pool behind the left field fence that symbolizes Miami’s exciting nightlife. Those who purchase Marlins tickets this year can expect to see a ballpark that embraces the future in its use of technology and sustainability. Marlins tickets have been selling better since the changes were implemented this year, and for good reason. The new Miami Marlins are sure to excite and bring baseball home to the “Magic City.”

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Marlins News

9-16-14: The Miami Marlins made an announcement this week that the team was prepared to offer Giancarlo Stanton an extension offer this winter that would make him the highest paid player in the Marlins franchise history. The highest paid player to ever wear a Marlins uniform, Florida or Miami, was Jose Reyes when he signed a six year deal worth $106 million so Stanton would have to receive an AAV of at least $20 million for this statement to be true. Stanton may have some extra time to think about a potential extension as he was struck in the face with a fastball from the Brewers Mike Fiers that required a trip to the hospital. Stanton is expected to skip major surgery thankfully after taking the pitch to the face and while he is expected to be monitored closely he will avoid a major injury after a scary incident. Stanton was ultimately diagnosed with facial lacerations and facial fractures and was deemed done for the season as a precaution for a team that is out of contention in the NL East division and both Wild Card races.

9-12-14: Despite their sub .500 record, the Marlins are just 3.5 games back for the second wild-card spot in the National League. A postseason trip is still in doubt, but a winning record is not out of the question. Remember, this team lost 100 games a year ago. Giancarlo Stanton has hit 37 home runs and knocked in 105 RBI on the year. Despite the fact the Marlins are on the outskirts of the playoff race, he may be the front-runner for NL MVP right now alongside Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw.

9-9-14: The Miami Marlins may be forced to trade Giancarlo Stanton this offseason if the young outfielder does not sign an extension this winter. The Marlins have stated that they will do everything they can to extend the soon to be 25 year old but speculation has run rampant since Stanton made less than encouraging statements about his future with the team. There is a Catch-22 type situation going on as the number of teams willing to give up the monster package of prospects to acquire Stanton may be unwilling or unable to pull the trigger without an extension for Stanton. The Stanton extension has already rumored to be in the 10 years and $250-$300 million or more range and not many teams can afford that type of contract in the years of luxury tax and the new collective bargaining agreement. These speculations all have come with two more years of team control so with a couple more productive seasons from Stanton and those numbers may rise significantly making him the highest paid player in all of baseball.

9-4-14: After a terrific start to the month of August, the Marlins closed things out at 3-7 in their last 10 games, leaving them on the fringe of contention at 5.5 games back for the second NL wild-card spot. Giancarlo Stanton went 2 for 4 with a double and a two-run home run in his team's 8-6 loss to the Mets Tuesday. He now has 35 homeruns on the year. With an outfield of Christian Yelich, Stanton, and Marcell Ozuna, the Marlins have their offense going forward.

9-2-14: The Miami Marlins got the sound bite from All Star Giancarlo Stanton this week that made a lot of people inside the organization a little nervous. Stanton told reporters that he was undecided on whether he wanted to commit to a long term deal with the Miami Marlins after losing for the past five seasons with the club. Stanton backed off those reports a little this week as well saying he was undecided about his future as of right now but you have to think that Stanton is tired of losing and seeing few fans buy Marlins tickets to see the team live. The team is not likely to help their own cause either as Miami was in contention for both the NL East division title and second Wild Card this season and let both the July and August trading deadlines pass without adding a significant piece to the club.

8-27-14: The Marlins can't afford to drop series to teams like the Rockies in their hunt for a playoff spot, but that's exactly what happened over the weekend. This week, they’ve split their first two games with the Angels. That leaves them four games back with three teams ahead of them for the second NL wild-card slot. They finish up this week against division foe Atlanta. The fact that the Marlins are playing meaningful games, a year after losing 100 games, remains impressive.

8-26-14: The Miami Marlins announced intentions to sign Giancarlo Stanton to a long term deal as soon as this winter rather than trading their All Star outfielder. Stanton is still only 25 years old and under team control for two more seasons after the 2014 season. In 2015 the Marlins are expecting a healthy Jose Fernandez along with bigger contributions from Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna to help the team finally contend. It still seems unlikely that Stanton would sign a long term deal with Miami and it still seems likely that the Marlins will trade Stanton before it’s all said and done but the Miami organization will do everything they can on their side to make that happen.

8-20-14: The Marlins are very much in the running for a wild-card berth. They are currently just three games behind the San Francisco Giants for the second spot, though they have two other teams to jump. Giancarlo Stanton is the NL MVP front-runner in the middle of August. However, that race still appears to be as wide open. Don’t count out Miami as one of those teams who could get hot down the stretch and makes a serious run.

8-19-14: The Miami Marlins have announced plans to extend outfielder Giancarlo Stanton this offseason and have expressed no interest in trading the right hander. Not so coincidentally the Marlins have also announced that the team would aggressively pursue top of the rotation type starting pitchers this winter as the team attempts to put together a contending team in 2015. James Shields has been a name thrown around inside the organization that could be used at the top of the rotation with Jose Fernandez in 2015. If Miami intends to keep Stanton and Fernandez around while attracting big free agents like James Shields the team will have to do better than their current 62-62 record, which is good for eight games out of first place in the NL East division.

8-13-14: The Marlins have cooled off since using a 9-1 hot streak to pull back to .500 at 53-53, but they are still within striking distance of an NL wild-card spot. A series win against the Reds in Cincinnati over this past weekend, coupled with two wins this week over the Cardinals has left them just 3.5 games out of the second position. If they can squeak into the playoffs, one has to think Giancarlo Stanton becomes an NL MVP frontrunner. He leads the NL in homeruns, RBI’s and total bases.

8-12-14: The Miami Marlins started the week by designating for assignment one of their once top prospects in the system in Jacob Turner. Turner is only 23 years old and was once considered to be a Top 20 prospect in all of Major League Baseball which makes the decision somewhat surprising. Turner has struggled this season but is under team control for the 2015 season on a $1 million deal making him still somewhat attractive for Miami. The Marlins ended up trading Turner to the Cubs for two pitching prospects in Tyler Bremer and Jose Arias. One young stud the Marlins do not plan on letting go is Giancarlo Stanton. The team announced that they would pursue an offseason extension with Stanton to keep him in Miami for the foreseeable future. Stanton is 24 years old and while many around the league feel it will be unlikely that Stanton signs long term in Miami the organization is going to make their best run at keeping the power hitting right hander.

8-6-14: The Marlins have some ground to make up if they want to make the postseason for the first time since 2003. Comeback wins like they had Tuesday night against the Pirates give the Marlins hope. Adeiny Hechavarria had two hits and drove in a run during a five-run rally in the eighth inning to help the Miami beat the Pittsburgh 6-3. The Marlins are 5.5 games behind Washington in the NL East and the same amount out of the NL wild card race.

8-5-14: The Miami Marlins may have fallen out of contention in the NL East this season but they made a trade that may guarantee their contention in 2015. The Marlins and the Houston Astros hooked up for a six player deal in which Miami acquired Jarred Cosart, Enrique Hernandez, and Austin Wates for Colin Moran, Jake Marisnick, and Francis Martes along with a competitive balance draft pick in 2015. The Marlins also looked at adding Jon Lester from the Boston Red Sox but ultimately could not work out a deal. Interestingly enough though Gaincarlo Stanton was not mentioned in any trade rumors involving Lester. Reportedly the Red Sox did not bother asking for Stanton and Miami instead offered a package of highly regarded prospects for the south paw.

7-30-14: The Miami Marlins may have finally fallen out of contention in the NL East but the team seems ready to field a competitive team around Giancarlo Stanton, finally. There are teams interested in Steve Cishek and Mike Dunn but Miami has not seemed inclined to trade either reliever. Also their attempt to trade for the Athletics Jim Johnson shows the team is willing to make moves if necessary to win. One player the Marlins may make available is third baseman Casey McGehee in a classic sell high trade after signing him out of Japan on a one year deal worth $1.1 million this offseason.

7-28-14: Miami is going to try to make a push for a wild card spot with a strong second-half finish. With the Marlins’ victory to open their series in Houston, they have won five of their last six games. Their pitching has been terrific, as the team has given up more than two runs just once in that six-game stretch.

7-24-14: Jacob Turner allowed two runs in his first start in over six weeks and the Marlins knocked Braves starter Mike Minor out of the game early in their 6-5 victory against the Atlanta Tuesday night. Turner returned to the starting rotation after eight relief appearances. Donovan Solano had a career-high four hits and also reached base on a walk as Miami took its second straight win over Atlanta in the four-game series. Christian Yelich had two hits and scored three runs as well for the Marlins.

7-21-14: The Miami Marlins have said they would not trade key pieces this trading deadline even if they fall out of the race which means Giancarlo Stanton is safe in Miami for at least another season. No names were mentioned in the report but you have to think Jacob Turner and Jose Fernandez are also safe in Miami for the foreseeable future. Miami is quickly fading in the division after going 3-7 in their last 10 games falling to 45-52 and 8.5 games behind in the NL East division. If the Marlins did decide to sell at this year’s trading deadline the names of Steve Cishek and Mike Dunn have been garnering tons of phone calls this week.

7-19-14: Christian Yelich, who continues to lead off for Miami, has been playing very well since returning from a back injury less than a month ago. Although he only went 1-for-4 on Friday, he still saw the most pitches of any Marlin that night and smacked his 13th double of the season. However, the Marlins only scratched across one run in their 9-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants on Friday.

7-17-14: The Marlins were tied for first in the NL East at one point this season, but they have slowly slipped since June 8th. Had ace Jose Fernandez not gotten hurt, this team could be in the race for a wild-card spot, as it has struggled mightily to fill his spot in the rotation. There will still be plenty of positives to take away from this season, and with a talented farm system, the Marlins will make noise in the near future.

7-15-14: The Miami Marlins have acquired right handed pitcher Matt Ramsey from the Tampa Bay Rays for three international bonus slots that are roughly worth about $1 million. Ramsey is 24 years old and quietly dominating Double-A this season with a 1.07 ERA with 46 strikeouts in 33.2 innings this season. Marlins fans were treated with watching their own in the Home Run Derby this week as Giancarlo Stanton represented the National League. The Marlins are falling in the NL East division with a 44-50 record at the break and looking to add a second basemen and some starting pitching at the trading deadline. The Marlins want controllable arms, not rental types, in the rotation and also need another speedy lead off hitting infielder after Rafael Furcal went down to injury.

7-14-14: After the Marlins played well at Busch Stadium against the hot St. Louis Cardinals, the rest of Miami’s road trip has not gone too well. On Wednesday, Marcell Ozuna extended his season-best hitting streak to 15 games, but the Marlins fell in extra innings to the Arizona Diamondbacks. After Thursday’s off day, Zack Wheeler outpitched Henderson Alvarez on Friday in the New York Mets’ 7-1 victory over the Marlins.

7-10-14: Marcell Ozuna hit a two-run homer off Arizona closer Addison Reed in the ninth inning to give the Marlins a 2-1 victory over the Diamondbacks Tuesday night. The only Marlins player to reach second base against Arizona starter Vidal Nuno was Ozuna when he doubled with two outs in the fourth-inning. Miami is still hanging around as they’re only five games back of Washington and Atlanta in NL East play.

7-7-14: The Marlins began a nine-game road trip on Friday in St. Louis with a loss. For the second consecutive game, they fell by just one run. Miami has dropped six of their last eight games and is in danger of falling further back in the standings before the All-Star break. On the bright side, Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a two-run home run in Wednesday’s 5-0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

7-3-14: Ed Lucas' single drove home the winning run from second base with one out in the 11th inning Tuesday night, as the Miami Marlins beat the Philadelphia Phillies 5-4. Miami had lost their past three extra-inning games. The win snapped a four-game losing streak for the Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton singled home a run to increase his RBI total to 61, which leads the NL. Casey McGehee singled and has reached base in 25 consecutive games.

7-2-14: The Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton has announced that he will participate in the 2014 Home Run Derby under the new and hopefully improved derby rules for this year. The Marlins have yet to make up their minds on whether they will be buyers or sellers at this year’s trading deadline and much of it depends on how far out they are from the division, not the wild card. Personnel inside the Marlins organization feel like the National League East division is the easier path to the playoffs as the division seems to be wide open right now. The Wild Card looks to be a little more cluttered with the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals leading the way right now with the Washington Nationals right in the discussion.

6-30-14: The Marlins have been hovering around .500 for most of the season. Henderson Alvarez brought the team’s record to 39-39 after giving up just one earned run in 6.2 innings on Wednesday. Although Giancarlo Stanton launched his National League-leading 21st home run on Thursday, Chase Utley’s walkoff home run beat the Marlins. Miami rallied with five runs in the sixth inning on Friday, but lost the contest to the Oakland Athletics.

6-26-14: Marlins rookie starter Andrew Heaney gave up five runs and four hits in five-plus innings of work in just his second career start for Miami. Unfortunately, the Marlins bats couldn’t come alive Tuesday night as the fell to the Phillies 7-4. Marlins SS Adeiny Hechavarria had an MRI that showed a right triceps strain. He could possibly land on the disabled list. Miami is only 3 ½ games back of NL East leading Washington.

6-24-14: The Miami Marlins are cleaning house in the bullpen when they recently designated Kevin Slowey and Randy Wolf for assignment and in turn produced a flurry of roster moves including calling up top prospect Andrew Heaney. Wolf has elected free agency rather than accept a minor league assignment and has cleared a roster spot in the minor leagues for Brad Penny, recently signed on a minor league deal by the fish. Penny’s deal contains a July, 31 opt out clause and a prorated $800K salary if he were to make the major leagues. The Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria announced that he would be willing to open up the checkbook to make upgrades and add additions to the team at this year’s trading deadline if the team is still competing in July, which looks very much possible at this point.

6-18-14: Garrett Jones’ three-run homer in the seventh inning this past Tuesday night propelled the Miami Marlins as they rallied to beat the Chicago Cubs 6-5. Jones had been 0 for 9 in the series against the Cubs, who deploy the shift against the left-handed hitter. Miami, which leads the majors in home victories, improved to 24-14 at Marlins Park. Rookie Anthony DeSclafani, who was recalled from the minors Monday, gave up four runs in 6 1/3 innings of work. Sam Dyson pitched 1 1/3 scoreless innings for his first career win. He was then optioned back to Triple-A New Orleans. Tough luck, eh? Miami is tied with Atlanta for second place in the NL East and are only 1/2 game behind Washington for the division lead.

6-17-14: The Miami Marlins have signed their first round pick Tyler Kolek for a $6 million bonus for the second overall pick. The best part for the Marlins is not only that Kolek is happy but the team saved $821K against their bonus signing pool. Kolek joins this year’s top overall pick Brady Aiken and the Pirates Jameson Taillon as the only high school pitchers to receive signing bonuses over $6 million. Miami also signed their second round pick Justin Twine for $1.316 million. The Marlins have saved over $1 million in their draft slots this season and may throw the excess money at high school players with strong commitments to colleges across the country. The Marlins are above .500 and only a half-game behind the Atlanta Braves for first place in the NL East division so the Marlins are said to be ready to get aggressive this trading deadline season.

6-10-14: The Miami Marlins signed Kevin Gregg to a deal as the team once again looks to bolster their bullpen. Gregg signed a one year deal worth $2.1 million in prorated salary once he is called up to the majors. The Marlins traded a Competitive Balance pick in the MLB First Year Players Draft worth $1.38 million to the Pittsburgh Pirates for reliever Bryan Morris and Gregg is set to make around $1.4 million in salary once he is ready to join the club. The Marlins started the MLB First Year Players Draft with the second overall pick and took left hander Tyler Kolek. Kolek was going to the Chicago White Sox in just about every mock draft before the draft so this came as a bit of a shock. Even more of a shock was the fact that Carlos Rondon was still out there and was passed up.

6-3-14: The Miami Marlins have already lost their ace starting pitcher Jose Fernandez to Tommy John surgery and are hoping to avoid that again with one of their top relief pitchers Carter Capps. Capps is being shut down and will rehab an undisclosed elbow injury hoping to avoid the knife. Capps came over to Miami as a part of the Logan Morrison trade and has a 3.00 ERA in 12 innings this season while striking out an eye popping 11.25 batters every nine innings. Miami is looking to fill voids in the international market and took a step towards that by signing 18 year old Colombian pitcher Cristian Olmos and will plug him into the Dominican Summer League. Olmos is listed at 6’2” and 180 pounds with tons of room to grow and improve on his 94 MPH fastball and ever increasingly effective curveball.

5-28-14: The Miami Marlins signed Miguel Tejada to a minor league deal last week and this week announced the details of the contract. Tejada signed a split contract that will pay him $625K in the major leagues and $125K while in the minor leagues. That’s an absolute steal if Tejada can come up to the majors and replicate his 2013 season with the Kansas City Royals of .288/.317/.378 in 167 plate appearances. Miami is still in the thick of things in the National League East division as they are currently sitting in second place with an outrageous 20-8 record at home. If the Marlins could improve on their 6-17 road record they could make a legitimate run at a division title.

5-21-14: The Miami Marlins have a deal in place with veteran shortstop Miguel Tejada in place that would bring the former American League MVP to Miami on a minor league deal. Tejada is 39 years old and coming off a year with the Kansas City Royals in which he put up a triple slash of .288/.317/.378 in 167 plate appearances before being suspended for Adderall use. The Marlins are also still reeling from the news that ace starting pitcher Jose Fernandez will need Tommy John surgery and have dropped to third place in the National League East division while putting up a 3-7 record in their last 10 games.

5-15-14: The Miami Marlins got some bad news in the middle of May as their ace starting pitcher Jose Fernandez was placed on the disabled list with an elbow strain. The Marlins have enjoyed a lot more success than expected and that is mainly on the right arm of Fernandez and fellow pitcher Jacob Turner. Tommy John surgery is the diagnosis for Fernandez so his season is done after heading for a second opinion MRI on the elbow before making a decision on how to attack the injury. Even with the injury the Marlins have overtaken the Washington Nationals in the National League East division for second place and continue to win more games than they are losing.

5-7-14: The Miami Marlins have actually been one of the surprise teams in the National League East and the entire league as they are over the .500 mark after the first 30 games in the 2014 season. Many expected Giancarlo Stanton and Jacob Turner to not be enough to put fans in the seats, sell tickets, and win games but so far we have all been wrong about the Marlins. One Marlin that will not be around to see the season out is Greg Dobbs who was designated for assignment and then released by the club. You may remember Dobbs was the player that owner Jeffrey Loria signed to a one year extension last August for $1.75 million behind the back of then president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest. Beinfest has since been fired from Miami and Dobbs joins him looking for a new job in baseball.

4-28-14: The Miami Marlins are once again sitting at the bottom looking up at every other team in the National League East division after a month of the 2014 season. The Marlins did not add any significant pieces this offseason and unloaded outfielder Logan Morrison to the Seattle Mariners in a trade. Miami is still relying on closer Steve Cishek and outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to win games and bring people out to that new ballpark in Miami. Voting has opened up for the 2014 MLB All Star Game for this July so remember to vote your favorite Miami Marlins into the game.

4-14-14: Despite a decent start to the 2014 MLB season, the Miami Marlins have fallen apart lately, dropping seven straight games to sit at just 5-8. Their record is good for dead last in the NL East, as the Marlins have struggled to find offense over the past week - one that includes series losses via three game sweeps to the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies. Despite a rough first 13 games, Miami continues to get solid production from Giancarlo Stanton on offense (four homers and 16 RBI’s).

4-7-14: The Miami Marlins were hoping for a modest increase in production after a horrible 2013 season, but what they got instead was a hot 5-2 start that could have easily been a 6-1 start. The Marlins got things started off on the right foot in the first week of the season, as they dominated the Colorado Rockies with a 3-1 series win and narrowly missed out on a sweep of the San Diego Padres. Giancarlo Stanton has been the hot bat to get things started in Miami, as he’s hammered out two homers and 11 RBIs. Jose Fernandez has been on the money so far on defense, taking down 17 batters with strikeouts and earning two wins.

4-1-14: The Miami Marlins weren’t expected to be very good in 2014 after a rough 2013 season that saw them lose over 100 games. At last on opening day, they made fans forget about all of the negativity. Starting pitcher Jose Fernandez set the tone with excellent pitching, as he struck out nine batters in five innings to help the Marlins in their impressive 10-1 win to start the season. The offense was in tip top shape, as well, as the team piled on 14 hits against the Colorado Rockies.

3-27-14: The Miami Marlins will start the 2014 with the lowest payroll in the entire National League with a Opening Day payroll barely over $45 million. The Marlins are still working on getting their start outfielder Giancarlo Stanton signed to an extension but Stanton seems unlikely and unwilling to sign long term with the club. The Marlins signed Ty Wiggington to a minor league deal this winter after the infielder sat out the 2013 season and released him prior to Opening Day in 2014 after a lackluster spring training for the 36 year old. The Marlins did add Reed Johnson to their 25 and 40 man roster and informed him that he would make the Opening Day roster after singing with Miami on a minor league deal this winter. The Marlins seem willing to hold onto young pitching, Jacob Turner in specific, and are looking to rebuild for another run at a National League East division title.

3-20-14: The Miami Marlins recently spent a weekend in Panama playing in a quick two game series donned The Legend Series, a series played against the New York Yankees honoring recently retired Mariano Rivera. The Marlins used four pitchers to no-hit the Bronx Bombers in the first game only to almost get no-hit themselves the next day in the Legend Series finale. Giancarlo Stanton made some headlines shortly after the series discussing his future with the Miami franchise saying that he needed one more season to think it over and see the state of the organization before making any decisions about his future. Miami has the second best record in the Grapefruit League this year surprisingly and are 6-4 in their last 10 games. The Marlins have yet to name an Opening Day starter as of today but all eyes and bets seem to be on rookie sensation Jose Fernandez.

3-13-14: The Miami Marlins still have Giancarlo Stanton last I checked, that is enough to buy a ticket and head out to see the Marlins this season. The Marlins don't have much to cheer about this coming season outside of Stanton and Jose Fernandez, especially after Logan Morrison was traded to the Seattle Mariners, but the spring training competition is fierce. Almost every position is up for grabs and the young kids in the Miami system are fighting for a shot at a cup of coffee in the big leagues. Miami is playing quite well this spring with a great winning percentage and will even head down to Panama to help the New York Yankees honor recently retired Mariano Rivera with a couple games, should be fun to watch.

3-5-14: The Miami Marlins have made it clear that they are not going to offer their young outfielder Giancarlo Stanton an extension until after the season. Acquisitions that they did make include the signing of right-handed pitcher Carlos Marmol to a one year deal worth just over $1 million. The Marlins were not very active in off-season spending but they did add world champion Jared Saltalamacchia to do the catching for the team. They will also look for him to provide leadership.

1-24-14: A season ago the Miami Mar lins had one of the worst records in the major leagues losing 100 games for the year. This offseason they signed Giancarlo Stanton to a one year $5.6 million deal to avoid arbitration and keeping their slugger happy after his name has been linked to multiple trades in the past.

1-7-14: The Miami Marlins and first baseman Gary Jones have agreed to a two year $7.5 million contract is likely to be used in a first-base platoon this season. Earlier in December the Marlins also sign veteran Rafael Furcal to play second base. The deal is incentive heavy but is reportedly for around $3.5 million. The Marlins also signed Jordany Valdespin to a minor-league contract.

12-9-13: Jeff Loria and his Miami Marlins were rumored to be suitors for Robinson Cano but I Seattle and canola agreed last week Miami is left with basically the same roster that one them only 62 games and finished in last place in 2013. Have been rumors swirling around Miami about the movement of right fielder Giancarlo Stanton who is the best player on the team. Stanton is a 24-year-old right fielder who possesses all five tools and will be coveted by many teams if the Marlins are willing to deal. In an off-season acquisition the Marlins welcomed new catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia from the world champion Red Sox. The Marlins gave the catcher a three-year deal worth $21 million.

8/21/13 - The Miami Marlins are in last place with a record of 48 – 76 and currently stand 27.5 games out of first. The Marlins are five – five in their last 10 games. Last night the Marlins fell short to the Los Angeles Dodgers at home by a score of six – four. Right fielder Giancarlo Stanton recorded three hits with an RBI. Starting pitcher Jacob Turner gave up 10 hits and walked five batters. The Marlins rank dead last in runs scored ,team batting average ,on-base percentage and slugging percentage. After facing the Dodgers they will then post the Colorado Rockies over the weekend.

8/6/13 - The Miami Marlins are in last place in the National League East division. They are 24 games below .500. This week they will travel to Pittsburgh and face the Pirates.

7/18/13 - Once again the Miami Marlins find themselves in last place. At least this year their payroll has been severely reduced. The Marlins are 35 – 58 And a full 18 games out of first place. The Marlins are 4–6 in their last 10 games. The Miami Marlins -89 in terms of run differential. After the break they will face the Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee. TheMarlins will face Kyle Lohse in game one of that series.

7/7/13 - Right-hand pitcher Jose Fernandez was the only Miami Marlin selected for the 2013 All-Star game. So far in 2013, the 20-year-old is 5-5 with a 2.83 ERA and 99 strike outs in 98.2 innings pitched.

6/12/13 - After completely revamping their once expensive roster the Marlins have won only 19 games and currently sit in last place. The Miami Marlins rank dead last in runs scored, on base percentage as well as slugging percentage. Juan Pierre leads all starters in batting average hitting only .245. No Marlins pitcher has over 3 wins so far this year and the team ERA is high at 4.00. It seems as though the rest of the division will continue to beat up on the Miami Marlins for the remainder of the season. This week they will go to battle against the Central division’s Brewers and Cardinals.

Marlins 2014 Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Mar. 31 Colorado 7:00
Apr. 1 Colorado 7:10
Apr. 2 Colorado 7:10
Apr. 3 Colorado 12:40
Apr. 4 San Diego 7:10
Apr. 5 San Diego 7:10
Apr. 6 San Diego 1:10
Apr. 8 at Washington 7:05
Apr. 9 at Washington 7:05
Apr. 10 at Washington 4:05
Apr. 11 at Philadelphia 7:05
Apr. 12 at Philadelphia 7:05
Apr. 13 at Philadelphia 1:35
Apr. 14 Washington 7:10
Apr. 15 Washington 7:10
Apr. 16 Washington 7:10
Apr. 18 Seattle 7:10
Apr. 19 Seattle 7:10
Apr. 20 Seattle 1:10
Apr. 21 at Atlanta 7:10
Apr. 22 at Atlanta 7:10
Apr. 23 at Atlanta 12:10
Apr. 25 at NY Mets 7:10
Apr. 26 at NY Mets 7:10
Apr. 27 at NY Mets 1:10
Apr. 29 Atlanta 7:10
Apr. 30 Atlanta 7:10
May 1 Atlanta 7:10
May 2 LA Dodgers 7:10
May 3 LA Dodgers 7:10
May 4 LA Dodgers 1:10
May 5 NY Mets 7:10
May 6 NY Mets 7:10
May 7 NY Mets 12:40
May 8 at San Diego 10:10
May 9 at San Diego 10:10
May 10 at San Diego 8:40
May 11 at San Diego 4:10
May 12 at LA Dodgers 10:10
May 13 at LA Dodgers 10:10
May 14 at LA Dodgers 10:10
May 15 at San Francisco 10:15
Date Opponent Time
May 16 at San Francisco 10:15
May 17 at San Francisco 9:05
May 18 at San Francisco 4:05
May 20 Philadelphia 7:10
May 21 Philadelphia 7:10
May 22 Philadelphia 12:40
May 23 Milwaukee 7:10
May 24 Milwaukee 4:10
May 25 Milwaukee 1:10
May 26 at Washington 1:35
May 27 at Washington 7:05
May 28 at Washington 7:05
May 30 Atlanta 7:10
May 31 Atlanta 4:10
Jun. 1 Atlanta 1:10
Jun. 2 Tampa Bay 7:10
Jun. 3 Tampa Bay 7:10
Jun. 4 at Tampa Bay 7:10
Jun. 5 at Tampa Bay 4:10
Jun. 6 at Chicago Cubs 4:05
Jun. 7 at Chicago Cubs 4:05
Jun. 8 at Chicago Cubs 2:20
Jun. 10 at Texas 8:05
Jun. 11 at Texas 8:05
Jun. 13 Pittsburgh 7:10
Jun. 14 Pittsburgh 4:10
Jun. 15 Pittsburgh 1:10
Jun. 16 Chicago Cubs 7:10
Jun. 17 Chicago Cubs 7:10
Jun. 18 Chicago Cubs 12:40
Jun. 19 NY Mets 7:10
Jun. 20 NY Mets 7:10
Jun. 21 NY Mets 4:10
Jun. 22 NY Mets 1:10
Jun. 23 at Philadelphia 7:05
Jun. 24 at Philadelphia 7:05
Jun. 25 at Philadelphia 7:05
Jun. 26 at Philadelphia 7:05
Jun. 27 Oakland 7:10
Jun. 28 Oakland 4:10
Jun. 29 Oakland 1:10
Jul. 1 Philadelphia 7:10
Date Opponent Time
Jul. 2 Philadelphia 7:10
Jul. 3 Philadelphia 6:10
Jul. 4 at St. Louis 7:15
Jul. 5 at St. Louis 2:15
Jul. 6 at St. Louis 2:15
Jul. 7 at Arizona 9:40
Jul. 8 at Arizona 9:40
Jul. 9 at Arizona 3:40
Jul. 11 at NY Mets 7:10
Jul. 12 at NY Mets 4:10
Jul. 13 at NY Mets 1:10
Jul. 18 San Francisco 7:10
Jul. 19 San Francisco 7:10
Jul. 20 San Francisco 1:10
Jul. 21 at Atlanta 7:10
Jul. 22 at Atlanta 7:10
Jul. 23 at Atlanta 7:10
Jul. 24 at Atlanta 7:10
Jul. 25 at Houston 8:10
Jul. 26 at Houston 7:10
Jul. 27 at Houston 2:10
Jul. 28 Washington 7:10
Jul. 29 Washington 7:10
Jul. 30 Washington 12:40
Jul. 31 Cincinnati 7:10
Aug. 1 Cincinnati 7:10
Aug. 2 Cincinnati 7:10
Aug. 3 Cincinnati 1:10
Aug. 5 at Pittsburgh 7:05
Aug. 6 at Pittsburgh 7:05
Aug. 7 at Pittsburgh 7:05
Aug. 8 at Cincinnati 7:10
Aug. 9 at Cincinnati 7:10
Aug. 10 at Cincinnati 1:10
Aug. 11 St. Louis 7:10
Aug. 12 St. Louis 7:10
Aug. 13 St. Louis 7:10
Aug. 14 Arizona 7:10
Aug. 15 Arizona 7:10
Aug. 16 Arizona 7:10
Aug. 17 Arizona 1:10
Date Opponent Time
Aug. 19 Texas 7:10
Aug. 20 Texas 12:40
Aug. 22 at Colorado 8:40
Aug. 23 at Colorado 8:10
Aug. 24 at Colorado 4:10
Aug. 25 at LA Angels 10:05
Aug. 26 at LA Angels 10:05
Aug. 27 at LA Angels 10:05
Aug. 29 at Atlanta 7:35
Aug. 30 at Atlanta 7:10
Aug. 31 at Atlanta 5:10
Sept. 1 NY Mets 1:10
Sept. 2 NY Mets 7:10
Sept. 3 NY Mets 7:10
Sept. 5 Atlanta 7:10
Sept. 6 Atlanta 7:10
Sept. 7 Atlanta 1:10
Sept. 8 at Milwaukee 8:10
Sept. 9 at Milwaukee 8:10
Sept. 10 at Milwaukee 8:10
Sept. 11 at Milwaukee 8:10
Sept. 12 at Philadelphia 7:05
Sept. 13 at Philadelphia 7:05
Sept. 14 at Philadelphia 1:35
Sept. 15 at NY Mets 7:10
Sept. 16 at NY Mets 7:10
Sept. 17 at NY Mets 7:10
Sept. 18 Washington 7:10
Sept. 19 Washington 7:10
Sept. 20 Washington 7:10
Sept. 21 Washington 1:10
Sept. 23 Philadelphia 7:10
Sept. 24 Philadelphia 7:10
Sept. 25 Philadelphia 4:10
Sept. 26 at Washington 7:05
Sept. 27 at Washington 4:05
Sept. 28 at Washington 1:35

Sep 17, 2014
  • Wed
  • 17
  • Sep
  • 7:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $6
Sep 18, 2014
  • Thu
  • 18
  • Sep
  • 7:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $19
Sep 19, 2014
  • Fri
  • 19
  • Sep
  • 7:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $9
Sep 20, 2014
  • Sat
  • 20
  • Sep
  • 7:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $28
Sep 21, 2014
  • Sun
  • 21
  • Sep
  • 1:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $19
Sep 23, 2014
  • Tue
  • 23
  • Sep
  • 7:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $18
Sep 24, 2014
  • Wed
  • 24
  • Sep
  • 7:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $18
Sep 25, 2014
  • Thu
  • 25
  • Sep
  • 4:10 PM
  • FROM
  • $19
Sep 26, 2014
  • Fri
  • 26
  • Sep
  • 1:05 PM
  • FROM
  • $3
Sep 26, 2014
  • Fri
  • 26
  • Sep
  • 7:05 PM
  • FROM
  • $4
Sep 27, 2014
  • Sat
  • 27
  • Sep
  • 4:05 PM
  • FROM
  • $16
Sep 28, 2014
  • Sun
  • 28
  • Sep
  • 1:35 PM
  • FROM
  • $10
Apr 21, 2015
  • Tue
  • 21
  • Apr
  • 7:05 PM
  • FROM
  • $56
Apr 22, 2015
  • Wed
  • 22
  • Apr
  • 7:05 PM
  • FROM
  • $56
Apr 23, 2015
  • Thu
  • 23
  • Apr
  • 7:05 PM
  • FROM
  • $56
May 4, 2015
  • Mon
  • 04
  • May
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $30
May 5, 2015
  • Tue
  • 05
  • May
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $30
May 6, 2015
  • Wed
  • 06
  • May
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $18
Jul 3, 2015
  • Fri
  • 03
  • Jul
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $149
Jul 4, 2015
  • Sat
  • 04
  • Jul
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $149
Jul 5, 2015
  • Sun
  • 05
  • Jul
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $138
Aug 28, 2015
  • Fri
  • 28
  • Aug
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $30
Aug 29, 2015
  • Sat
  • 29
  • Aug
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $33
Aug 30, 2015
  • Sun
  • 30
  • Aug
  • 3:30 AM
  • FROM
  • $30
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