Some people may think you can only buy baseball tickets through the team or box office, but in reality there are many reasons to buy them via an online retailer.  Buying tickets through the secondary ticket market can provide many benefits for the consumer.  One of those benefits is that in many cases you can get MLB tickets for below face value if you are willing to wait till the game gets closer. Also the secondary market provides certain buying options through some vendors that eliminate shipping and fees that can be normally seen when buying on the primary market.  When buying MLB tickets online via TiqIQ there are several options when buying.  You can buy immediately by paying the price set by the seller.  You can also bid on certain tickets via the auction tab.  Finally, via a partner there is the option to make an offer on MLB tickets and have that offer accepted or declined instantly.  So how does someone choose what site to use when buying MLB tickets?  There are many different websites out there that a consumer can purchase tickets the major difference is some aggregate ticket listings from different websites and others do not.  Using a site like TiqIQ, which is a secondary ticket market aggregator, you are getting all the listing from throughout all the major ticket markets on the web.  This allows the consumer to come to one place to shop rather than going to several other sites to get the cheapest MLB tickets on the internet.

Major League Baseball got its start all the way back in 1869 with the founding of the first professional team, the Cincinnati Reds, six years later the National League was formed and then 26 later, the American League was got it’s start. MLB as we know it was born and was ready to solidify its place as this nation’s national pastime. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the now combined leagues as gambling, low attendance, and a band of rough characters tainted the game in the early 20th century, highlighted by the 1919 “Black Sox” Scandal. Then came a man that would change everything. That man was George Herman “Babe” Ruth. In 1920, Babe Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees. That same season the Yankees would be the first team to sell over 1 million MLB tickets to their games and over the next 15 years, Ruth and his Yankees would set a new standard of success in sport. But while the Yankees have remained one of the sport’s dominant team, other changes in the game would come fast and furious as the league and the country both matured. In 1947, Jackie Robinson started at 2nd base for the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke the color barrier, arguably the most important thing to happen to any sport in the 20th century. From that point on the league saw an influx of talent that has still gone unmatched, as Hall of Famers like Robinson, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks, Bob Gibson, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron and many more, finally got their shot. In this historic period, the sport would experience some of its highest quality of baseball, and as the talent pool grew so did the number of teams. During the 1960’s and 70’s MLB expanded to all parts of this country as fans in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston and others would finally have their own teams and a new opportunity to buy MLB Tickets. Baseball would continue to grow in popularity as more and more teams popped up throughout the country. By the end of the 70’s some teams were bringing in close to 3 million fans, setting another new standard in MLB Tickets sales. Despite turning off some fans in the 80’s and 90’s thanks to two strike-shortened seasons, baseball has remained one of American’s favorite pastimes. New attendance records have been set, and the internet has forever changed the way MLB Tickets can be purchased. Here at TiqIQ, we look to raise the bar in the MLB Tickets buying process another step further.

Like stocks and other commodities, MLB Tickets trend differently at certain times before all the games during a given season.  One trend that is seen a lot is that, for most baseball games you can get tickets for cheaper closer till game time.  Obviously for big rivalry games this is not usually the case, but in most instances the best time to save money on MLB Tickets is in the hours before the game is to be played.  Another trend seen when buying MLB Tickets is that they tend to be much cheaper before Memorial Day and then again after Labor Day.   This time period during the year is a prime time for vacations and trips to the ballpark, so as a consumer if you are not picky on what games you want to attend and are willing to go in April, May, and September you can usually find some very good deals.  Staying on top of baseball news is also a good way to get the best deals and save money on MLB Tickets.  In many instances winning streaks, milestones, and player injuries/performance can cause trends in ticket prices. These types of situations can cause volatile price fluctuations both up and down.  Being up to date on these types of developments in baseball can help the consumer save a lot of money on MLB Tickets.  Dynamic ticket pricing implemented by a majority of MLB teams have also effected secondary market MLB tickets.  Dynamic pricing allows teams to compete with the resale market they never were able to when only using a fixed price model.  So when you buy your baseball tickets on TiqIQ, remember the tips mentioned above because they could end up saving you a considerable amount of money. 

TiqIQ is a secondary market ticket aggregator that calculates the average ticket price for all sports including NHL, NBA, NFL, MLS, College, and MLB tickets. TiqIQ aggregates listings from all the major secondary ticket markets, in a similar way that Kayak aggregates plane ticket listings from all the major airplane carriers. To calculate the average price of MLB tickets TiqIQ takes the price of all the tickets it aggregates from various secondary ticket market websites, averages them and comes up with a value for each team and game to be played. This process is broken down to the season, team, game, and even section level to give consumers data at even the micro level. With these averages, TiqIQ is able to provide some very interesting MLB tickets data to publishers, such as, average price for a season, game, or team, market trends, and get in prices. The MLB tickets data that TiqIQ provides is also very helpful to consumers in terms of finding the cheapest tickets available anywhere. The data that is collected is used to show consumers how ticket prices are moving as well as which tickets are the best buys in the current market. With a 162 game regular season MLB tickets prices are constantly moving and fluctuating due to many different variables like team performance, weather, give aways, and opponent. Don’t worry about it though, TiqIQ has you covered with all the data and information that you need to get your tickets at the cheapest prices on the market.
Are you looking to score MLB tickets? If you are you probably know that baseball tickets are available on a lot of different secondary markets these days. Buying from these secondary markets are a great way to get MLB tickets at a steep discount or to gain entry into a game that is sure to be a memorable one. No matter your motivation for getting baseball tickets the secondary market is where all of the savvy online shoppers go to get their baseball tickets. Think about it, when was the last time you bought tickets from a MLB team’s box office? We thought so. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to get MLB tickets and in the process discuss the benefits and drawbacks to each.

MLB Tickets From Local Sources

As you search any local websites tickets section you will see tons of baseball tickets available for local games. For a seller, it makes sense to try some sort of local avenue first because it is free to post on and you are advertising to a targeted audience who is looking for the baseball tickets to a particular team. As a seller however you need to be aware that it is indeed free for people to list on most local classified services so you need to be extra careful in regards to who you are buying these tickets from. First off, never deal with someone who asks you to pay for MLB tickets via PayPal before they meet you to exchange that is trap number one. Also, if you do not know what the baseball tickets you are about to buy look like, bring someone who does. If you end up buying a pair of fake tickets you will end up wasting a lot of time and obviously money as well. When you find a legit seller, buying from local sources is typically the cheapest way to buy tickets, but you have to weigh the risks if it is worth buying baseball tickets this way.

Tickets on Online Auction Websites

Online auction websites have become a default place to pretty much look for anything, including baseball tickets for a lot of people. One good thing about online auctions is that you can be assured if you are buying from someone who has an established record of feedback that the tickets you are buying are real. However, you will need to leave time in order for the baseball tickets to be mailed to you in time for the event. This will require purchasing MLB tickets most likely well in advance of the game. This will virtually eliminate your ability to swoop in and get a last minute deal of some kind. For some people though they want the comfort of knowing that they have their MLB tickets in hand well in advance of the game and they are not concerned with getting rock bottom pricing. If this is the situation you are in than online auctions might be the right place for you. In order to buy anything off of an online auction type website though you need to have an active account and also a PayPal account in order to be able to pay for your goods. Keep in mind that online auction sellers do need to pay a decent amount in fees so this may drive their ticket prices up, so do not be surprised if this ends up being the most expensive way to buy baseball tickets when all is set and done.

MLB Tickets Through Online Ticket Brokers

By now you have all heard of buying tickets from an online ticket broker, right? You can buy baseball tickets on there as well as tickets to literally any concert or other sporting event as well. As far as MLB tickets go you will see that the people looking to sell tickets on there are ticket brokers or season ticket holders looking to sell excess inventory to games that they are having trouble selling. What does this mean for you? It means that baseball tickets for some games in some cities are pretty much given away in some cases. MLB tickets have been known to sell for as little as $1.00 for certain games and it is pretty standard to pay well below face value on a routine basis. Where the sellers on these online ticket broker websites capitalize big time is when you are looking to buy MLB tickets to a game that is in high demand and the box office is sold out. Now the only place to buy these certain baseball tickets is through an online ticket broker so the prices can be jacked up considerably. Most people we know though are just scouting out the situation on ticket broker websites waiting for a pair of MLB tickets for the favorite team and know that this site is the best possibility of them getting those tickets at the lowest possible prices.

Specialized MLB Tickets Packages

The fact is that MLB teams know about the emerging secondary market and they know it can hurt their ability to sell certain baseball tickets for certain games. This is why a lot of MLB teams will offer their fans the opportunity to buy smaller ticket packages to select games. Some people only want baseball tickets for Sunday games, well most teams have responded to that demand by having ticket packages solely for Sunday game throughout the season. There are MLB tickets packages tailored for all other preferences as well and the best part is you will get the same seat for each game and some will even offer priority for playoff tickets which is definitely worth it if you ask us. Hopefully this gives you a better overview on the benefits and drawbacks of buying MLB tickets from these different popular sources of ticket buying. Baseball tickets are being eaten up by these secondary markets and those who do not embrace it will unfortunately be left behind as the business of MLB tickets moves forward. Good luck in your search for baseball tickets ad just remember to have fun, root for the home team, and be safe online when searching for tickets to the big game.