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D.C. United History

The D.C. United MLS team is located in the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. The team is regarded as one of the most successful MLS franchises in the league's history as they have won 12 domestic and international titles despite a minimal home field advantage from lack of United tickets sales. Of their 12 titles they hold the record for most MLS Cup and Supporters’ Shield titles, winning each four times as of 2012. The club has also ventured out of the United States and has competed in international leagues in South America. D.C. United was one of the first 10 teams in league, and played in the league’s inaugural match vs. the San Jose Clash. D.C. United was one of the most successful teams in the league early on as they won the first ever MLS Cup even though they were in the bottom half of the league in attendance figures as they averaged only 15,000 United tickets sold per home game and had a very minimal home field advantage. One of the factors leading to a low number of United tickets sold is the fact they were, and still, playing in a non-soccer specific stadium. With the ability to only sell 19,467 United tickets per home game they team was always limited in their ability to make a profit off ticket sales. The most press United ever got as a soccer team came in 2003 when they announced the signing of 14 year old star Freddy Adu and later selected him first in the 2004 MLS SuperDraft.

RFK Stadium and the Fans

D.C. United tickets are sold at RFK Stadium, which was built as a multi-purpose stadium and was used as the home field in the past to the Washington Redskins of the NFL and the Washington Nationals of the MLB. At full capacity the stadium would usually be able to support 46,000 fans, but when converted for soccer it only allows the team to sell just over 19,000 United tickets. When the stadium was home to the Redskins, Nationals, and United, it had a complex conversion cost of $46,000 every time it was changed for a different sport. This conversion happened a total of 20 times in 2005 as it was switched between soccer and baseball mostly. RFK Stadium, along with many other professional sports venues, does more than just sell United tickets; it also holds international sporting events and many non-sporting events. The most notable soccer matches held at RFK were some of the 1994 Men’s FIFA World Cup matches along with some 2003 Woman’s FIFA World Cup matches. RFK Stadium was built long ago in 1961, because it is over 60 years old it has held many notable non-sporting events. In the stadiums early years it held Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Jackson 5 concerts, all of which resulted in sell-outs. However, since the times of concerts and special events, RFK has not seen many sell-outs from soccer games as the team has only had three years where they averaged a sellout of United tickets throughout a whole season, the most recent came in 2008 when the team won their most recent U.S. Cup.

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D.C. United News

10-20-14: Two regular season games remain on the D.C. United schedule against Tauro FC and Montreal. The team has played to a 17-9-7 record since starting its season in March and has earned first-place honors in the Eastern Conference, a huge turnaround from last year’s forgettable record of 3-24-7 where they finished in the basement of the Conference.

D.C. United Video Highlights

D.C. United Ticket Price History

Average Home Price Since 2010

Year Avg Price
2010: $37
2011: $38
2012: $58.75
2013: $43
2014: $37

Five Most Expensive Home Games of 2014:

Date Opponent Avg Price
6/07/2014 vs. Columbus Crew: $49
6/28/2014 vs. Seattle Sounders: $43
4/12/2014 vs. NY Red Bulls: $41
9/27/2014 vs. Philadelphia Union: $40
8/31/2014 vs. NY Red Bulls: $39

Five Most Expensive Homes Games Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
10/20/2013 vs. Columbus Crew: $70.24
6/30/2012 vs. Montreal Impact: $66.33
4/07/2012 vs. Seattle Sounders: $65.75
8/19/2012 vs. Philadelphia Union: $61.45
8/29@012 vs. NY Red Bulls: $60.41

Five Least Expensive Home Games of 2014:

Date Opponent Avg Price
7/30/2014 vs. Toronto FC: $31
4/05/2014 vs. New England Revolution: $32
5/21/2014 vs. Houston Dynamo: $33
7/20/2014 vs. Chivas USA: $33
4/26/2014 vs. FC Dallas: $35

Five Least Expensive Home Games Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
10/19/2011 vs. Portland Timbers: $22
10/15/2011 vs. Chicago Fire: $24
10/22/2011 vs. Sporting Kansas City: $27
9/24/2011 vs. Real Salt Lake: $28
9/21/2011 vs. Chivas USA: $30

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