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FC Dallas History

Dallas, Texas is a sports-mad town. Cowboys, Rangers, and Mavericks fans cheer on their favorites. SMU fills its stands every year, and let’s not even talk about high school football. With this much sports enthusiasm in one city, it’s hardly surprising that FC Dallas tickets are so hard to find, as the Major League soccer franchise emerges as a powerhouse and popular favorite. In 1996, the Dallas Burn (as the team was then called) roared into existence at the Cotton Bowl, annihilating San Jose in their first match. The Burn grew stronger around the millennium, and until 2003 never missed the playoffs. Around that time, owner Lamar Hunt decided to rebrand the Burn, and work began on remodeling the former Pizza Put Park, in nearby Frisco, into a dedicated soccer stadium to be called FC Dallas Stadium and selling FC Dallas tickets. Between 2005 and 2009, the team struggled with changes in venue, and Coach Schelling Hyndmans became a magnet for fan dissatisfaction. 2010, however, saw FC Dallas tickets selling out, as the side finished a heartbreaking second for the MLS Cup in a season that also saw MVP and MLS Coach of the Year awards going to Dallas. FC Dallas registered soccer first in 2011 when they defeated UNAM of Mexico on their opponents’ home turf. No other U.S. team has ever beaten a team from Mexico, in Mexico. Dallas fans puffed up with pride, and FC Dallas tickets became more prized than ever.

FC Dallas Stadium and the fans

FC Dallas Stadium formerly Pizza Hut Park, opened in August, 2005. Since then it has twice hosted the MLS Cup Finals. With its eighteen luxury suites and a capacity of over 20,000, the Stadium can and does sell thousands of FC Dallas tickets. Seventeen additional soccer fields surround the Stadium, for use by FC Dallas and others. Supporters’ clubs for FC Dallas include FCD Nation, Inferno, La Raza Latina, and El Matador. FCD Nation has been in existence since 2006; for a membership fee, supporters receive two FC Dallas tickets per season as well as a T-shirt and other perks. Also present at every match is the Red Shamrock contingent, dedicated to furthering knowledge of the game, as well as the “Braveheart”-inspired Dallas Football Elite and the Beer Guardians, a fun-loving group whose specialty is heckling opponents. These fans take their sport seriously; in keeping with European traditions, they stand, sing, chant, and wave flags as the game progresses, and all those holding FC Dallas tickets are invited to join in. Fans are always seeking new ways to show their support. There is an FC Dallas fan app on Facebook, and supporters gather in real time at local sports bars all over the Metroplex. In the stands, drums and cowbells amp up chants of “Let’s go, Dal-las,” punctuated by synchronized handclapping. The excitement is something you can almost feel, and the fans’ enthusiasm, coupled with the team’s skills, guarantee that FC Dallas tickets will be prized again next year.

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FC Dallas News

10-20-14: FC Dallas owns a 16-11-6 record and third-place honors in the Western Conference with one game remaining in the regular season. The team will travel home to Toyota Stadium on Saturday to play Portland and sits just one point ahead of Real Salt Lake, who has garnered 53 total points alongside its 14-8-11 record this season.

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