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Houston Dynamo History

The Houston Dynamo are one of the newer teams in the MLS as they became a franchise in 2005 and were originally called the Houston 1836. The 1836 referred to the year of the war for Texas independence from Mexico, this name upset many of the local Mexican fans and the team promptly changed their name and began selling Houston Dynamo tickets the following season. The team and fans benefited from early success as the Dynamo’s won the MLS Cup in their inaugural season of 2006 in front of an average of 18,935 fans that purchased Houston Dynamo tickets. The attendance figure of 18,935 Houston Dynamo tickets is a franchise record still standing through the 2011 season. The following season in 2007, attendance figures dropped dramatically by 3,000 per home game despite the team’s success as they went on to win another MLS Cup title. The 2008 season started off with the Dynamo winning an exhibition tournament held in Texas. This provided high hopes for the team and fans that was unfortunately followed by an interesting start to the MLS season as it took the team seven games to finally get their first win. The season finished with the Dynamo losing in the Semi-Finals to the eventual champion New York Red Bulls. The following three years for the Dynamo were marked by ups and downs as they exited the 2009 playoffs in the Western Conference finals, and did not even reach the playoffs in 2010 after they lost key players in the offseason and once again saw Houston Dynamo tickets sales decline.

BBVA Compass Stadium and the Fans

The Houston Dynamo soccer club has hosted games in a total of four different stadiums during their short tenure in the league. Two of the stadiums they used were only used for a total of three games, two were U.S. Cup games, and the third was a CONCACAF Champions’ Cup game. Their original and most used home stadium was Robertson Stadium on the campus of the University of Houston Cougars. They called Robertson their home for their first six years in the league and were able to seat 32,000 fans, but only averaged 17,000 Houston Dynamo tickets sold per home game. The Dynamo’s are now the MLS team with the newest stadium as they moved into their new soccer specific stadium BBVA Compass Stadium for the 2012 season. It is hoped by the team that with a soccer only stadium as their new home that the sale of Houston Dynamo tickets will increase as fans will have a better view of the game resulting in a better experience. The real interesting part of their inability to sell Houston Dynamo tickets comes from the fact that Texas has a high population of Mexican immigrants who came from a country where soccer is the most popular sport. The initial outrage to the naming of the team to the Houston 1836 could have caused for a lower attendance figure from Mexican-Americans, but now that the team has been selling Houston Dynamo tickets for over six years it would be hoped that many of the locals would have forgiven the team by now and would come out to support them.

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