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Montreal Impact History

The Montreal Impact are the newest team to the MLS and competed in their first home game on March 17, 2012 in front of a then record crowd of 58,912 fans who purchased the first MLS Montreal Impact tickets. The match ended in a 1-1 draw vs. the Chicago Fire but the supporters who purchased Montreal Impact tickets were not disappointed as they saw firsthand as Davy Arnaud scored the team’s first goal in the MLS. Talk of a 19th MLS franchise began in the late months of 2007, at the time Toronto FC held a contract that named them as the exclusive MLS franchise in Canada until 2009. However, during the 2008 season Toronto FC stated they would be thrilled to add another MLS franchise in Canada and thus the dream of selling Montreal Impact tickets began. It took a few years for the final destination of the MLS’s 19th franchise to be declared but it was officially announced in 2010 that Montreal would be the city for a new franchise that would begin play in 2012. The reason for the short time between the announcement and the time the team would begin play was largely due to the fact that Montreal already had a professional soccer team that played in the North American Soccer League and already had a home stadium and just needed a short time to upgrade staff and players. The team initially decided to keep their name as the Impact so they could continue to sell Montreal Impact tickets but changed their logo, colors, and uniforms once they started play in the MLS.

Saputo Stadium and the Fans

Since Montreal already had a professional soccer team which had been playing at Olympic Stadium, they were able to continue to play their first five home games at Olympic Stadium until their official move to their new stadium. The name of their new and current home where they sell Montreal Impact tickets is the soccer-specific Saputo Stadium. The reason for the team’s short stint at Olympic Stadium was mainly due to the fact that Saputo Stadium is an outdoor facility and the team needed an indoor stadium because of the unpredictable spring Canadian weather. The franchise benefited from their games at Olympic Stadium however as they were able to sell 30,000 more Montreal Impact tickets per game at the larger multi-purpose venue as compared to Saputo Stadium. The Impacts new home at Saputo provides the fans with a newer complex that was constructed in 2008 and offers closer to the field seats giving those who purchase Montreal Impact tickets with a great view of their new MLS team. The teams first season in the MLS showed great support by the fans as the team’s record home attendance was 60,860 vs. the LA Galaxy at Olympic Stadium, and were able to come in the middle of the league in attendance figures selling an average of 24,052 Montreal Impact tickets per home game. Despite the support for their fans the team finished just one spot shy of the MLS Playoffs coming in 6th in the Eastern Conference and 11th overall in the league, still considered a good first year for the expansion franchise.

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Montreal Impact Ticket Price History

Average Home Price Since 2010

Year Avg Price
2010: $28
2011: $32
2012: $27
2013: $40
2014: $48

Five Most Expensive Home Games of 2014:

Date Opponent Avg Price
8/03/2014 vs. Toronto FC: $83.67
6/29/2014 vs. Houston Dynamo: $64
7/27/2014 vs. Portland Timbers: $43
9/10/2014 vs. Los Angeles Galaxy: $38
10/25/2014 vs. D.C. United: $37

Five Most Expensive Homes Games Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
8/03/2014 vs. Toronto FC: $83.67
3/17/2012 vs. Chicago Fire: $82.95
6/29/2014 vs. Houston Dynamo: $64
8/17/2013 vs. D.C. United: $53.23
8/25/2012 vs. D.C. United: $49

Five Least Expensive Home Games of 2014:

Date Opponent Avg Price
6/11/2014 vs. D.C. United: $36
10/25/2014 vs. D.C. United: $37
9/10/2014 vs. Los Angeles Galaxy: $38
7/27/2014 vs. Portland Timbers: $43
6/29/2014 vs. Houston Dynamo: $64

Five Least Expensive Home Games Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
7/08/2012 vs. Columbus Crew: $17
6/27/2012 vs. Toronto FC: $17
6/23/2012 vs. Houston Dynamo: $18
7/28/2012 vs. NY Red Bulls: $18
4/28/2012 vs. Portland Timbers: $19

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