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Portland Timbers History

On March 20, 2009, a two year process finally was over. The Portland Timbers were officially named the eighteenth Major League Soccer team and a fan would soon be able to get Portland Timbers tickets. The Portland Timbers are the fourth team that has been called by that name. The first team to have this name was part of the North American Soccer League which played in 1975. The first coach for this new Portland Timbers team was named on August 10, 2010. John Spencer was the head coach for the Portland Timbers from August 10, 2009 until he was let go from the team on July 9, 2012, which was just four months after their very first game. During the two years that occurred between the Portland Timbers entry date in to the league and their first game, they had to build their team and start to sell Portland Timbers tickets. The Portland Timbers decided to immediately sign five players before the official Major League Soccer Expansion draft. When the Expansion Draft occurred, they were allowed to draft, or select, 10 players from the current teams that were already in Major League Soccer. As soon as the Expansion Draft was concluded, the Portland Timbers decided to trade their very first pick in that draft. It was a bold move made by an Expansion Team and would not hurt Portland Timbers ticket sales. During the first season of the tickets sales were outstanding. Each of their seventeen games was sold out at Jeld-Wen Field and there were no additional Portland Timbers tickets to be found. The team is owned by Peregrine Sports, LLC. Peregrine Sports, LLC is headed up by Merritt Paulson whose father was the Treasury Secretary for the Portland Beavers and the USL Timbers, which became the Portland Timbers.

Jeld-Wen Field and the Fans

The Portland Timbers play at Jeld-Wen Field and tickets are available. Jeld-Wen Field was renovated to be a suitable home for the Portland Timbers and also the Portland State Vikings. The Portland State Vikings are a football team. The Field was now able to house only soccer or football games. The Portland Timbers Jeld-Wen Field has a maximum capacity of 20,323 and that is how many tickets are sold each game. This was expanded from its original count of 18,627 Portland Timbers tickets to be sold. During that first season 316,659 Portland Timbers tickets were used. With these kinds of numbers, it was a great decision to open the expansion team and call themselves the Portland Timbers. The Timbers Army is the fan base for the Portland Timbers and the Portland Timbers tickets sell themselves to the Timber Army. They help create the experience of watching a Portland Timbers game. The Portland Timbers Timber Army is best known for their crazy and super-fan support. At the beginning they found section 107 to be their home during the games and purchased Portland Timbers tickets for just that section. They brought drums and even smoke bombs. They are constantly yelling and screaming throughout game play. The Portland Timbers Timber Army creates an experience like none other for the team. As one can tell, they quickly became successful in creating a European style fan section with the amounts of Portland Timbers tickets. The Timber Army has grown in size to total about four thousand people and they have not been able to stay in section 107. They are now located in the North End section of Jeld-Wen Field and take up four thousand of the Portland Timbers tickets. Not only do the fans support the Portland Timbers, they also support local organizations to better the community at large. They will at times donate Portland Timbers tickets to local organizations so they can have the experience of a game.

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