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Real Salt Lake History

Real Salt Lake is the American soccer team located in Utah just outside of Salt Lake City. Coached by Jason Kries, they've had a good record of performance in recent years. They brought home the Major League Soccer Cup in 2009 and made it to the finals in 2011, creating a boost in sales for Real Salt Lake tickets. In the beginning, they struggled with many losses and were unable to maintain consistency with players that stayed with the team. They made it to the play-offs in 2008 thanks to changes in leadership and the addition of talented players to cause a turn-around. Their dramatic colors of bright red, blue and gold captivate audiences wherever the Real Salt Lake team takes on the challenge of a match. The team's name was inspired by the Real Madrid team from Spain. Translated to "royal," the name is a source of pride for the American team. The two teams actually compete in friendly matches with one another. In a true spirit of cooperation, the Spanish team and American team are combining forces and funds to form a youth soccer academy in America, promoting the sport and its growth. Their most notable rivals remain the Colorado Rapids and fans are in quite a fervor to buy Real Salt Lake Tickets any time the two teams meet in competition. Real Salt Lake, like so many teams, has a mascot to represent them. Their friend, Leo the Lion, is a standard at any Real Salt Lake games.

Rio Tinto Stadium and the Fans

The Rio Tinto Stadium, home of the Real Salt Lake soccer team, cost $110 million dollars and opened in October of 2008. Private and public funds were combined to complete the project. situated only a short distance away from Salt Lake City in Sandy, up to 20,000 Real Salt Lake tickets can be sold at a time to reach full capacity for Real Salt Lake games and other events. The stadium offers all of the amenities such as suites, Center Circle seats and Club Seats. Real Salt Lake tickets are a hot commodity, drawing in loyal fans on a yearly basis. When the season for Real Salt Lake tickets is over, other events, such as concerts, take place at the stadium with a capacity of up to 27,000. With all of the revenue and business brought in by Real Salt Lake tickets on sale, the area has grown up with more commercial developments with the stadium at the heart of the action. When people come to town, a Real Salt Lake game is one of the top items on the itinerary and the lines are long for Real Salt Lake tickets. Festivals, trade shows and various forms of entertainment are held in Rio Tinto Stadium in the off season. Soccer fans are thinking about getting their hands on Real Salt Lake tickets at the close of one season, dreaming about the excitement of the next.

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Real Salt Lake News

10-20-14: Real Salt Lake will conclude its regular season against the Chivas USA on Wednesday at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah. Real Salt Lake currently owns a 14-8-11 record heading into its final game of the regular season, cementing the fourth spot in the Western Conference and trailing FC Dallas by just one point with 53 on the season.

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