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Earthquakes history

The San Jose Earthquakes are a Major League Soccer team in San Jose, California. They are one of ten charter teams in Major League Soccer (MLS) and played in the first game in MLS history. Known then as the San Jose Clash, they defeated the D.C. United with a single goal. On October 27, 1999 the team's name was changed back to the San Jose Earthquakes. However, the team's roots date back to 1974. San Jose Earthquake tickets were available to the public for the next fourteen years. During this time they were part of North American Soccer League (NASL) until it folded in 1984, after which they played in the Western Soccer League (WSL) until 1988. After this, the team changed their name to the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks, followed by another change to the San Jose Hawks. The team folded in 1993, so in 1994 they became the San Jose Clash. San Jose Earthquake tickets at this time permitted entrance to games which were held at Spartan Stadium at San Jose University. It was in 1994 that the team became part of the MLS. In 1999, when San Jose Earthquake tickets were sold again, the team had a huge turnaround after missing the post season for four years. They even won the MLS Cup in 2001 by beating the Los Angeles Galaxy 2 to 1. They followed this with another MLS cup in 2003. This impressive three year period has defined expectations for how the team will perform moving forward. The San Jose Earthquakes have had an exciting history and fans continue to look forward to the team’s future.

Buck Shaw Stadium and the fans

Currently, the San Jose Earthquakes tickets are sold for games at Buck Shaw Stadium. This is located in Santa Clara, California. However, San Jose Earthquake tickets are already being sold for a new stadium. There is no definite opening date at this point; however the Earthquakes plan to open their new stadium in 2014 if possible. Currently referred to as New Earthquakes Stadium, it is planned to be built on a site called Airport West in San Jose. San Jose Earthquake tickets for luxury suites are already sold out for the new stadium. However, there is a waiting list and other types of suites are still available. Fans who purchase San Jose earthquake tickets for the luxury suites are promised an experience unlike any other. This experience includes a private bar and lounge area in each suite with an HD television, climate control, and in-suite catering. One of the most interesting elements of these specific San Jose Earthquake tickets is that the seating is at the same level as the teams. All fans who purchase luxury suite San Jose Earthquake tickets also get several other benefits, including pre-game field visits, Earthquakes jerseys, and in-suite giveaways for each game. The new stadium is set to be an intimate indoor venue with an authentic community experience. Fans can purchase a variety of San Jose Earthquake tickets and expect an incredible experience no matter which seats they’re in!

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