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Vancouver Whitecaps History

The Vancouver Whitecaps were the seventeenth team incorporated into Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2009. Vancouver Whitecaps tickets quickly become the hottest ticket in town, as 5,000 season-ticket reservations were sold within a 48- hour period. In fact, the team sold 15,500 total season tickets in their first year! This team was actually the third to adopt the name “Vancouver Whitecaps”, as previous versions of soccer teams had shared the same name at one point, the first being the Vancouver Whitecaps of the former North American Soccer League, which disbanded in 1984. The current team is headed by CEO Paul Barber, a former leading executive of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. After a rough initial season that saw them win only one game, Vancouver Whitecaps tickets are now a valuable commodity. The team colors pay homage to the teams’ geographical location in British Columbia, Canada. The navy blue in their uniform is indicative of the maritime legacy surrounding the city of Vancouver, while the lighter blue is a nod to the reflections of the white-capped North Shore Mountains nearby. A silver trim pays homage to a former version of the teams’ championship season of 1974. Those lucky enough to be holders of Vancouver Whitecaps tickets will be watching their beloved team play in BC Place Stadium, their current home field. The current squad is led by head coach Martin Rennie, an able coach with strong soccer coaching experience. It is his job to keep the demand for Vancouver Whitecaps tickets as strong as it is, calling on his experiences gained while in Scotland.

BC Stadium Place and the Fans

BC Stadium Place, the site of their home games, has played host to the Vancouver Whitecaps since renovations including the installation of a retractable roof were finished in 2011. Recently, plans to build a new stadium for the team have been scuttled, due to opposition from the local residents of Gastown, the proposed new stadium site. Purchasers of Vancouver Whitecaps tickets will continue to see their team play in BC Stadium Place for the foreseeable future. Fans who purchase Vancouver Whitecaps tickets are some of the most loyal in the entire MLS. A group of supporters known as “The Southside’s” has been in existence since 1999, having formed under the previous version of the team. This group of loyal purchasers of Vancouver Whitecaps tickets is named for their penchant of gathering in the beer garden at the south end of the old Swangard Stadium, where the former Vancouver 86ers once played. A group of rabid fans known as “La Doce”, translated in English as “the twelfth player”, formed in the days when the team played at Empire Field. They are known for their penchant for long fight songs with a heavy, constant drum beat with a Latin style. These consistent purchasers of Vancouver Whitecaps tickets are very vocal when the team is playing one of their hated arch rivals, such as the Seattle Sounders or Portland Timber soccer clubs. Other rivalries of note include the teams in Toronto and Montreal.

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