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NBA Playoff Ticket Price History

2014 NBA Playoff Ticket Prices

Year Avg Price
Quarterfinal Avg. Price: $257.79
Semifinal Avg. Price: $354.70
Eastern Conference Final Avg. Price: $457.67
Western Conference Final Avg: $372.02

2013 NBA Playoff Ticket Prices

Year Avg Price
Quarterfinal Avg. Price: $262.07
Semifinal Avg. Price: $377.63
Eastern Conference Final Avg. Price: $414.51
Western Conference Final Avg: $396.54

2012 NBA Playoff Ticket Prices

Year Avg Price
Quarterfinal Avg. Price: $210.27
Semifinal Avg. Price: $321.91
Eastern Conference Final Avg. Price: $356.98
Western Conference Final Avg: $312.65

2011 NBA Playoff Ticket Prices

Year Avg Price
Quarterfinal Avg. Price: $243.81
Semifinal Avg. Price: $352.77
Eastern Conference Final Avg. Price: $465.60
Western Conference Final Avg: $412.72

2010 NBA Playoff Ticket Prices

Year Avg Price
Quarterfinal Avg. Price: $160.50
Semifinal Avg. Price: $219.88
Eastern Conference Final Avg. Price: $310.59
Western Conference Final Avg: $309.32


More often than not over the course of history, NBA playoffs tickets have been tickets to see the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics in action. This year is an exception, as 2014 is one of those rare years when neither team enters the postseason. Since the first NBA playoffs tickets were sold in 1947, the Lakers have appeared in 60 of 68 postseasons while the Celtics have been in 51.

With the Celtics winning 17 NBA championships and 16 for the Lakers, the two teams are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of historical success. However, there are several other teams where NBA playoffs tickets have been sold in their respective cities more often than not. They are the Philadelphia 76ers (47 postseason appearances), Atlanta Hawks (43), New York Knicks (42), San Antonio Spurs (42), and Detroit Pistons (40.)

Eight teams from each conference make the playoffs each year, seeded one through eight in each conference. In the history of the NBA playoffs, only one eighth-seeded teams has ever made it to the NBA Finals (the 1999 Knicks) and the lowest seed to ever win an NBA title was the sixth-seeded Houston Rockets in 1995.

But that doesn’t mean that NBA playoffs tickets don’t guarantee a good show, as history is littered with upsets, especially in recent years such as the eighth-seeded 76ers defeating the top-ranked Bulls in 2012, the #8 Grizzlies beating the #1 Spurs in 2011, and the #8 Warriors topping the #1 Mavericks in 2007. That’s not to mention the 2004 NBA Finals, when the Pistons took out the Lakers in David vs. Goliath fashion.

This year, NBA playoffs tickets guarantee admittance to see some familiar faces, such as the back-to-back defending champion Miami Heat as well as the San Antonio Spurs, who enter this year’s playoffs with the longest current postseason streak in basketball with 16 consecutive playoff appearances since 1998.

But NBA playoff tickets this year are also notable for hosting some fresh faces as well, such as the Charlotte Bobcats, making the playoffs for only the second time in history, and the Toronto Raptors, who enter the postseason for just the sixth time.

This year, NBA playoffs tickets means the chance to see the top-ranked Spurs and the NBA’s best record battle the Dallas Mavericks in the West, while the top-ranked Pacers take on the eighth-seeded Hawks in the East. The West’s number-two ranked squad, the Oklahoma City Thunder, take on the Memphis Grizzlies while in the East, the number-two ranked LeBron and the Heat battle the Bobcats.

Also in the West, NBA playoffs tickets enable access to witness an interstate rivalry as the #3 L.A. Clippers battle the #6 Golden State Warriors. In the #4 vs. #5 matchup, the Houston Rockets take on the Portland Trail Blazers. In the East, the #3 Toronto Raptors battle the #6 Brooklyn Nets while the fourth-ranked Bulls take on the fifth-seeded Washington Wizards.

While NBA playoffs tickets are designed to ensure that more teams have a chance at the title (with more than half of the teams making the playoffs each year), it has exposed itself to criticism in recent years as some teams with below-500 records from the Eastern Conference have been known to qualify for the playoffs while above-500 teams from the Western Conference do not.

2014 is no exception to this rule, with the 48-34 Phoenix Suns failing to qualify for the playoffs in the West, while the 38-44 Atlanta Hawks from the East were given a shot at the title. As a result, there will be no NBA playoffs tickets sold at the stadium in Phoenix this year, despite the fact that the Suns finished with a better record than four playoff qualifiers in the East. (In fact, had they been in the East, they could have been ranked as high as number three, as their record tied the #3 Toronto Raptors and #4 Chicago Bulls.)

Yet in the history of the NBA finals, the Eastern Conference/Division leads the Western Conference/Division in total series won, with the East taking 37 titles to the West’s 29. Where will the Larry O’Brien Trophy make its home this year? Your best way to find that out is to get your hands on some NBA playoffs tickets.

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NBA Playoff News

5-29-14: The Western Conference Finals continues tonight for game 5 at the AT&T Center as the San Antonio Spurs will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in this best of seven series. Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals is on May 30 at the American Airlines Arena. The Miami Heat will look to close out the Indiana Pacers on their home floor to move on to the NBA Finals.

5-27-14: The Thunder and Spurs will play game 4 tonight at the Chesapeake Arena as OKC looks to tie the series at 2 games apiece. In the East, Miami holds a commanding 3-1 series lead over the Pacers as the Heat look to make 4 straight trips to the NBA Finals.

5-22-14: Just two games into both of the conference finals matchups are in and now both series will change in setting. The Heat and Indiana are tied at 1-1 in what could be an epic series. The Spurs have dominated the Thunder through 2 games, but still a long way to go to close this series.

5-21-14: The NBA playoffs continues tonight as the San Antonio Spurs will host the Oklahoma City Thunder for game 2 of this series. Spurs have a 1-0 lead. The Miami Heat are fresh off a game 2 victory on the road Tuesday night. The will host the Indiana Pacers at the American Airlines Arena Saturday May 24 for game 3. Winners of each series moves on to the NBA Finals.

5-15-14: The NBA Playoffs continues this month as four teams (Thunder, Clippers, Pacers Wizards) are still battling for a spot in the conference finals for a chance to reach NBA’s biggest stage the Finals.

5-12-14: Half of the the 2nd round of the playoffs are nearing their end, as the Spurs have a 3-0 lead over Portland, and the Pacers lead Washington 3-1. The two other series see The Thunder and Clippers deadlocked at 2 games a piece, while Brooklyn tries to mount a comeback against the heavily favored Heat.

5-7-14: Now into the second round of the NBA playoffs, the Heat have the highest average ticket price overall with their opponents, the Brooklyn Nets close behind. Out west, the Spurs lead the way followed by the Clippers. The Pacers have the cheapest overall tickets while the Thunder are cheapest in the west.

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