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PAC 12 Championship News

12-1-13: Arizona State beat Arizona on Saturday and will host the 2013 PAC 12 Championship game on December 7th against the Stanford Cardinal at Sun Devil Stadium. The winner will be headed to the 2013 Rose Bowl.

PAC 12 Championship Yearly Results

Year North Division South Division Venue Attendance
2011 #9 Oregon 49 UCLA 31 Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR 59376
2012 #8 Stanford 27 #16 UCLA 24 Stanford Stadium, Stanford, CA 31622
2013 Stanford Arizona State Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ

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Average and Get-in Prices Since 2011

Year Avg Price Get-in Price
2014 $181.27 $68
2013 $131.06 $59
2012 $144.53 $86
2011 $151.88 $56

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