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SEC Championship News

12-5-13: SEC Championship tickets to see MIssouri take on Auburn on Saturday are now averaging $368,-24% since Monday. There are currently 3276 starting at $172. The highest individual ticket is currently $2000.

12-1-13: After Saturday's incredible finish at the Iron Bowl, the Auburn Tigers will face off against the Missouri Tigers for the SEC championship on December 7th at the Georgia Dome. If Auburn wins they could punch their ticket to the BCS National Championship game in Pasadena.

SEC Championship Results Over The Years

Year Eastern Division Western Division Venue Attendance
1992 #12 Florida 21 #2 Alabama 28 Legion Field, Birmingham, AL 83091
1993 #9 Florida 28 #16 Alabama 13 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 76345
1994 #6 Florida 24 #3 Alabama 23 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74751
1995 #2 Florida 34 #23 Arkansas 3 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 71325
1996 #4 Florida 45 #11 Alabama 30 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74132
1997 #3 Tennessee 30 #11 Auburn 29 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74896
1998 #1 Tennessee 24 #23 Mississippi State 14 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74795
1999 #5 Florida 7 #7 Alabama 34 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 71500
2000 #7 Florida 28 #18 Auburn 6 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 73427
2001 #2 Tennessee 20 #21 LSU 31 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74843
2002 #4 Georgia 30 #22 Arkansas 3 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 75835
2003 #5 Georgia 13 #3 LSU 34 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74913
2004 #15 Tennessee 28 #3 Auburn 38 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74892
2005 #13 Georgia 34 #3 LSU 14 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 73717
2006 #4 Florida 38 #8 Arkansas 28 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 73374
2007 #14 Tennessee 14 #5 LSU 21 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 73832
2008 #2 Florida 31 #1 Alabama 20 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 75892
2009 #1 Florida 13 #2 Alabama 32 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 75514
2010 #19 South Carolina 17 #1 Auburn 56 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 75802
2011 #12 Georgia 10 #1 LSU 42 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 74515
2012 #3 Georgia 28 #2 Alabama 32 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 75624

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Dec 6, 2014
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