The NHL, or National Hockey League, has been around for almost 100 years. The league is widely considered to be the best ice hockey competition in the world. That is why fans pay good money to get NHL tickets every season. There are 30 teams that make up the NHL, with 23 of those teams in the United States and seven in Canada. The NHL season culminates in the Stanley Cup, for which NHL tickets are always sold out. A best of seven series determines who is the NHL, or Stanley Cup, Champion each year. Last season's winners were the Los Angeles Kings, who won their first ever Stanley Cup. The NHL was first formed as an organization in November 1917, in Canada. The organization was preceded by the National Hockey Association was suspended for various reasons. There were only four NHL teams at the time, but that has expanded steadily over the past few decades. NHL ticket sales are always good and there is even more money pumped into the league through sponsorships, lucrative TV rights deals and merchandise sales for the individual teams. Some of the best players from the world are seen by those who buy NHL tickets. The league has players from more than 20 countries competing. While most players in the NHL are Canadian, there has been a real mix of nationality and cultures over the past couple of decades. There has been a lot of interest from European players in playing in the NHL. This has also helped expand the league's image and reputation around the world. So if anyone wants to see a premier hockey game, they should buy NHL tickets for the ultimate experience.

Being an NHL fan is definitely a unique experience. The thrill and the drama of the games is unmatched anywhere and that is what draws fans to buy NHL tickets. While the NHL does not have the huge supporter base of the NFL or NBA, there are still many dedicated NHL fans in the United States and Canada. Studies have also shown that NHL fans are more educated and more affluent than their NFL, NBA, or baseball counterpart fans. That might explain why attendances for NHL games are always through the roof. People will always buy NHL tickets if possible. Watching an NHL game is definitely a much better experience in the stadium. That is why local NHL fans will do their best to get NHL tickets for their team. Many home games are blackouts on television, encouraging fans to get NHL tickets and support their team in person. Eighteen different teams have won the Stanley Cup since the inception of the competition, with the Montreal Canadiens being the most successful. The variety of winners is another added bonus in the NHL, as there is less of a monopoly on major players than there is in other leagues. While teams used to dominate the competition in the past, there has been a

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