We show listings from all major sellers online to provide the most comprehensive set of ways to buy, including Fixed Price, Auctions and Make an Offer

Fixed price listings where sellers don’t provide any ability to negotiate
The Auction tab shows you all of the auctions happening on eBay. All of these auctions have an end-date and time and require you to enter a bid price on the ticket. When the auction ends, if you’re the high bidder, you’ve won the auction
Make an Offer
Some of our ticket partners give TiqIQ users the ability to name their own price, or make an offer. For ScoreBig, next to each game listing, we show the approximate discount to list price that sellers are accepting. Once you’ve clicked on a ScoreBig deal, you have to choose a zone (star-rating) and then name your price. In order to have a bid considered, you need to enter payment info. On ScoreBig, you don’t know your specific seat location, but are offering to pay for a ticket within the zone you’ve selected


We show a 3D rendered preview of what the game will look like from each section in the venue. For most stadiums you can get a good idea of the view you’re paying for before you click buy


We give you the ability to evaluate deals in every area of a venue. Whether it’s 100s Center, Bleachers or anything else in between, our real-time stats for each zone allow you to make the best decision about when to buy and if the deal is good


We show all seller fees, but we do not charge any additional fees on top of that. For each ticket listing you’re considering, we show you all of the fees that you’ll have to pay including service fees and shipping estimate. We do not take additional fees on top of what sellers are already charging


Any ticket that has a Gold IQ is a “best value deal”, which means that you’ll always be saving at least 10% compared to the average market price for that zone. In many cases, Gold IQ deals have savings of up to 50%


If you’re looking for last-minute deals or want to avoid the high shipping fees, eTickets are the best option. eTickets are sent directly to you via email, so you can print and go. eTickets are accepted by all major venues. Most sellers charge lower shipping costs for eShipping. TiqIQ Direct charges no fees for eTickets