Q: What is TiqIQ?
TiqIQ is where Tickets Meet Intelligence. We are an event ticket aggregator that tracks prices and individual ticket listings in the dynamically changing ticket market. Today, we just focus on sports, however we’ll be launching music, theater and other entertainment events with some of our new publishers later this year. For more information on how our product works, click here.

Q: How do I pronounce your name?
A: TiqIQ is pronounced “Tik” “IQ”. While we’ve heard that some people have trouble pronouncing it the first time, we think the name is the perfect combination of tickets and intelligence. The two IQ’s in our name gives us the extra intelligence needed to cut through all the noise in the ticket market!

Q: Where can I go to use TiqIQ?
A: TiqIQ is only available through our publisher partners, which includes over 300 publishers ranging from the WashingtonPost to SBNation to hundreds of independent publishers, like River Ave Blues, WaitingforNextYear. We’re expanding with new partners quickly, so check back in if your favorite team or performer isn’t available through any of our existing partners. You can also recommend publishers to us by emailing us at publishers@tiqiq.com. You can also purchase tickets directly from TiqIQ through our homepage here.
Q: How do I get TiqIQ on my site?
A: TiqIQ has several different integration options for publishers. To learn about which one best fits your site, email us at publishers@tiqiq.com.

Q: What ticket sellers do you aggregate from?
A: Today, we aggregate listings from eBay, TicketNetwork and TicketsNow. We are actively working on integrating other sellers, but decided to launch with this group because we believe that they represent the most important and biggest sellers on the Internet.

Q: Does TiqIQ charge any extra fees on top of seller charges and fees?
A: No. TiqIQ does not charge additional fees.

Q: Do prices on TiqIQ include seller ‘convenience changes’ or ‘service fees’?
A: TiqIQ shows an all-in price, which includes fees as well and an estimated shipping charge. Our goal is to give you as much upfront information about the price of your ticket before you hit the buy button.

Q: Does TiqIQ manage the sale and send me the ticket when I make a purchase on a publisher site?
A: No. TiqIQ connects buyers and sellers, but we do not manage any transactions ourselves. We rigorously screen any seller in the system and only admit tickets sellers who have the highest track record of fulfillment and customer service.

Q: What happens if I have problem with tickets that I bought through TiqIQ?
A: Because TiqIQ is only connecting you with the sellers, all issues need to be resolved with the actual seller or the site where you made the purchase. That said, we’re always happy to try and help, and available at help@tiqiq.com. We’ve also provided the contact information for all of our sellers below, so it’s a little easier to contact them in the event you have any questions.

  • eBay:
  • TicketsNow:
    800.927.2770 or manager@ticketsnow.com
  • TicketNetwork:
    1-888-456-8499 or customerservice@ticketnetwork.com