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History Of The Barclays Center Classic

The third annual Barclays Center Classic will be held for two days in November, the semifinals will take place on the 28th and the consolation and championship game will be on the 29th.

Barclays Center Classic tickets have a current average price of $140.90 with a get in price of $52. Barclay Center Classic tickets for the Championship game on the 29th currently has a secondary average price of $113.86 with a get in price of $38. There are limited Barclays Center Classic tickets available for both of these dates.

Barclays Center Classic tickets for the semifinals on the 28th are currently down 8% in the secondary market, while Barclays Center Classic tickets for the Championship game on the 29th are also down 5% over the past week.

Barclays Center Classic tournament first began in the 2012 season with the first tournament held featuring a five team round robin tournament with most of the games be played at campus sites. In 2013, the tournament expanded to a total of 8 teams with each playing four games with four schools advancing to Brooklyn while the remaining schools playing out a second bracket at a campus site.

This year’s tournament will feature 8 teams as well that include LaSalle, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Norfolk State, St. Francis Brooklyn, Saint’s Peter, and Tennessee State. However, only four teams will be playing in Brooklyn, while the other four teams will be playing out a second bracket at a campus site, not a part of Barclays Center Classic tickets.

The four teams in this year’s tournament in Brooklyn will feature ACC regular season champion Virginia who will play LaSalle in the second semifinal and Rutgers will take on Vanderbilt in the first semifinal. The losers will of the two semifinals matchups will play a consolation game on the 29th just before the Championship game.

Kentucky were the winners of the 2012 tournament, while Ole Miss followed as champions in 2013. Coming into the tournament this year the Virginia Cavaliers are the betting favorite to win this year’s Barclays Center Classic after winning 30 games last season, but will have to go through a solid opponent in the LaSalle Explorers in their semifinal matchup. The Explorers are not at the level of the Hoos but they did manage to win 15 games last year and have added an experienced frontcourt presence after losing two senior guards.

In the other semifinal matchup an unusual matchup takes place between the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Vanderbilt Commodores as both of these teams struggled in their 2013-14 campaigns. Vanderbilt had 15 wins after 26 games but ended their season poorly with a five game losing streak, while Rutgers also struggled to win games towards the end of their season losing 8 of their last ten games and having a poor record in Big Ten conference play winning only 5 of the 13 games played.

The Barclay’s Center Classic will return next year in 2015 with the four future matchups in Brooklyn already set with Cincinnati, George Washington, Nebraska, and Tennessee as the four participants with Barclay’s Center Class tickets to soon follow on sale.

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