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Ace Frehley Biography

Famed for his blazing guitar riffs, Ace Frehley inspired a generation of axemen as a founding member of glam-rock giants KISS before embarking on a solo career which would prove to be far more successful than any of his bandmates’. Born in New York in 1951, Frehley first picked up the electric guitar aged 13 and inspired by the likes of The Who, The Rolling Stones and B.B. King, first released Ace Frehley tickets with his band, Cathedral, shortly after. In 1971, he recorded half an album for RCA Records with the group Molimo, but was forced to take on various odd jobs when their deal fell through. In 1973, he teamed up with frontman Gene Simmons, guitarist Paul Stanley and drummer Peter Criss to form KISS, the legendary rock outfit whose theatrical costumes, face-paint and pop-metal sound saw them become one of the defining bands of the decade. Frehley’s frenetic technique was an integral part of their early success, while he also co-wrote two songs on their 1974 eponymous debut (“Love Theme From KISS,” “Cold Gin”), sang lead vocals on “Shock Me” (from 1977’s Love Gun) and designed their iconic double lightning bolt logo. In 1978, he won a chart battle in which all four member of KISS dropped their self-titled debut albums on the same day, and released Ace Frehley tickets for his first solo tour. After returning to group duties, Frehley began to grow increasingly frustrated with his lack of creative control, and in 1982, he announced his departure from the band. Ace Frehley tickets then went on sale for a 1984 show at New York’s S.I.R. Studios which showcased the debut of his new band, Frehley’s Comet. But it would be another three years before they hit the studio for 1987’s self-titled LP, which reached No.43 on the Billboard 200 and eventually sold half a million copies. Recorded in front of fans with Ace Frehley tickets at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom, 1988’s Live +1 EP was then followed by another studio effort, Second Sighting. A large number of fans with Ace Frehley tickets for his tours with Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper were left disappointed when both of them ended prematurely, while 1989’s Trouble Walkin’ failed to trouble the Top 100. However, having briefly shared the stage with Criss in front of fans with Ace Frehley tickets at a 1987 Los Angeles show, Frehley then teamed up with the entire original KISS line-up for a 1996 reunion tour. Following a 2001 farewell tour, he left KISS for a second time and continued to release Ace Frehley tickets for shows throughout the decade. Following the release of 2009 comeback album, Anomaly, through his own Bronx Born Records label, he became the first KISS member to score a solo US Top 10 entry with 2014’s Space Invader, and released Ace Frehley tickets for an accompanying tour.

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