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Behemoth Biography

Constantly redefining the definition of hardcore, Behemoth is one of Poland’s most successful metal bands to date. The masked musicians are known for their trashing metal sound inhabited with ferocious drums, distorted guitars, and politically motivated messages. The blackened death metal group is led by front man Adam “Dergal” Darski, A pioneer in Poland’s metal scene and one of the country’s biggest stars. Forming in 1991, the Behemoth recorded a number of demos reaching success with their third demo, From the Pagan Vastlands. The demo led to Behemoth tickets selling across Europe and their home country of Poland. Their debut album Sventevith, released in April 1995 made waves in the growing European metal scene. Upon the release of their second LP Grom, Behemoth expanded their musical range, experimenting with many different sounds and influences. As Behemoth tickets and albums started to sell, the group was becoming one of Europe’s premier death metal bands. Pandemonic Incantations would be the first album to gain international distribution and allowed the rockers to launch their own headlining tour. Touring heavily yet receiving little recognition, Behemoth signed with Italy’s Avantgarde music in 1998. The opportunity to play with popular metal bands Deicide and Satyricon furthered the metal group’s fan base and international exposure. With a new lineup and attitude, the band released Thelema.6 under Polish music label Mystic Production on November 27th, 2000. The album was well received by fans and critics paving the way to perform at major heavy metal festivals Wacken Open Air, Inferno Metal Festival, Mystic Festival and many more. Behemoth tickets went on sale worldwide in 2003 and marked the first time the band would travel to the United States. One of the highlights of the Polish rock bands career was the opportunity to perform at the Blackest of the Black Tour in New Jersey featuring metal legends Danzig, Nile, Superjoint Ritual, and Opeth. Soon after they had the privilege of joining Ozzfest in 2007, being one of only four international acts. Behemoth established themselves as heavy metal veterans embraced by fans across the globe. Controversy arose when lead singer Dergal ripped apart a bible onstage in Poland upsetting religious and government officials. The front man claimed the act was Free Speech and the charges would later be dismissed. As the band vigorously toured throughout Europe and North America, they released a number of albums including Evangelion and The Apostasy, which debuted on the Billboard Top 200. Behemoth suffered a scare as Dergal would be diagnosed with leukemia in August, 2010. Behemoth tickets were refunded for all upcoming festivals and concerts scheduling into next year. The lead singer would successfully receive a bone marrow transplant and spend time recovering in his country of Poland. Dergal credited his fans passion to perform as his motivation to return to the stage. Having to cancel their set at the 2013 Mayhem Festival due to illness, Behemoth and front man Dergal Darski are back and ready to remind the world what it means to be hardcore.

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