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Bruce Hornsby Biography

Known for his successful self titled bands and work with the grateful dead, Bruce Hornsby is a music aficionado and industry legend. Writing music for Fox studios in Los Angeles in his earlier years, Hornsby started Bruce Hornsby and the Range with David Mansfield (guitar, Mandolin, violin) George Marinelli (guitar, back vocals), and John Molo (drums). Instant success came with the groups single, “The Way It Is”. It is Hornsby’s largest hit to date, a notable record with powerful lyrics touching on important topics of poverty and institutional racism. The record has been sampled by 2pac Shakur and a number of other popular rappers. The multi-platinum single contributed to the Way It Is album going platinum and earned Bruce a Grammy for Best New Artist in 1987. Hornsby’s signature sound incorporated elaborate double time instrumentals and an array of pianos and synthesizers. With a distinctive sound and message filled lyrics, Hornsby and the range followed up Scenes from the Southside in 1988. The release was the last commercially successful album for Hornsby and the Range. That very year, Hornsby appeared onstage alongside the late Jerry Garcia and the legendary Grateful Dead. He would join the jam band on stage until the bands end in the mid nineties. During this time, Hornsby lent his musical talents to the projects of such artists as Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley, Stevie Knicks, Squeeze, and others. Bruce Hornsby tickets sold well as his industry work heightened the artist’s popularity. The loose, improvisational, expressive style of play attracts fans of live band performances. Dead heads appeared at his shows more often as the music acquired a more bluegrass vibe, partly due to the influence of Jerry Garcia. Hornsby was a presenter as Jerry was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Focusing on his solo career, Bruce called in a few favors from peers Garcia, Raitt, Phil Collins, and a few others for his debut “Harbor Lights”. The jazzy, light sounds satisfied Hornsby and the Range fans as well as admirers of his Grateful Dead work. Known for their jazzier approach, later projects like Hot House and the double album Spirit Trail expanded his musical bravado. A falling out with long time collaborator John Molo led to Hornsby changing groups and direction. Bruce Hornsby tickets still sold across country as his creative stage show left audiences in awe. Hornsby has stated he sometimes doesn’t prepare setlists for his concert; his band will follow his lead and improvise their performance. His last solo album on Columbia Records entitled Halycon Days was classic Hornsby material that featured work from legends Sting, Eric Clapton, and Elton John. Bruce Hornsby has since worked with bluegrass player Ricky Skaggs, recorded a jazz project with Christian Mcbride , and collaborated alongside former Grateful Dead member Bob Weir. Constantly feeding his musical appetite, Bruce persistently pushes his musical limits and continues create outside the box. Bruce Hornsby tickets are currently available for concert dates into 2015.

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