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Bush Biography

Generation Xers unite, Bush is back. The 90’s grunge rockers formed by Gavin Rossdale are one of the best selling bands of the popular rock era, selling over 10 million records in the US. Named after the group’s UK hometown “Shepard Bush”, Bush consisted of frontman Gavin, drummer Robin Goodridge, lead guitarist Nigel Pulsform, and bass guitarist Dave Parsons. Their sound was full of powerful chords, thick vocals, and introspective lyrics. The friends signed a record deal with Hollywood Records in 1993. Label complications led to the decision that the band’s debut was unfit for release. When Interscope records finally decided to release the album, the band’s manager sent the album to popular Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM. The release paid off for the young band and lead track “Everything Zen” became an instant hit in the United States. The song made national airwaves generating tremendous buzz; Sixteen Stone began to sell like wildfire. The debut album contained two number one Billboard Rock Hits with singles “Glycerine” and “Comedown” and has sold an impressive six million copies to date. While the group garnered overnight fame in the United States, they did not have the same effect in their home country across the pond. The album was well received with the exception of a few critics who claimed the UK Grunge band sounded similar to contemporaries like Pearl jam or nirvana. Sixteen Stone is widely considered one of their most popular albums to date, attaining platinum status on multiple continents. Progressing from Los Angeles night clubs to arenas, Bush tickets were sold out for their first national tour. Bush tickets for their Razorblade Suitcase tour went on sale in January of 1997 to coincide with the sophomore album. The tour expanded internationally through five continents and multiple festivals including Glastonbury, Pinkpop, Pukkelpop, Reading Festival and more. The album Razorblade Suitcase debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 selling 293,000 copies in its first week. It also marked a success for the group back home reaching No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart. The lead single attained “Glycerine” type success holding the No.1 spot on the Billboard Rock chart for seven consecutive weeks, making it their most commercially successful single to date. The album garnered mixed reviews as a whole, which led to a remix of the album entitled Deconstructed. Bush reworked their previous tracks with an experimental, electronic style. An unsuspected change of pace from the band was troubling for some yet still managed to go platinum. Reuniting with Sixteen Stone producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, Bush returned in 1999 to release The Science of Things. The records success was sparked with the assistance of Bush’s notable 1999 Woodstock performance. Bush later dissolved in 2002 with Gavin leaving to form another band. It wasn’t until 2010 when fans would get their wish as Bush reunited for a new album. Getting back to touring and creating music, Bush has returned with their sixth studio album, Man on the Run. Bush tickets are currently on sale as they embark on tour in support their latest offering.

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