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Cannibal Corpse Biography

Titans of metal, Cannibal Corpse have been staples in death metal since the late 80s. Formed in Buffalo, the hardcore group has released thirteen albums and been successful for over twenty years with little to no media exposure. Since its beginnings Cannibal Corpse has been no stranger to controversy. Their first album Eaten Back to Life was banned in Germany and other countries due to the albums violent cover and nature of its lyrics. The album was different from their future work, a fast paced thrash metal rather than their death metal sound. It received mixed reviews though surrounding controversy only boosted the bands exposure. When it came time to release their second LP, Butchered at Birth transformed the rock stars into death metal deities. Hauntingly deep growls bellowed from singer Chris Barnes with lyrics that may inspire nightmares. Metal heads took notice of the group’s fearless style of play and disregard for industry critics. The band went through a few lineup changes during the 90s, with the departure of founding members Bob Rusay, guitarist Jack Owen, and singer Chris Barnes. Before the departure of Chris, his vocals were heard on the 1994 studio release The Bleeding. The record saw tremendous success and set records for metal albums. A thunderous sound and shrieking guitar riffs pushed the envelope for metal bands. Cannibal Corpse tickets went on sale for an international tour in support of the album. Touring from San Fran to Sydney, Cannibal Corpse became the best selling metal bands of the nineties during the soundscan era. The shock rock group went under fire in 1995 when Bob Dole mentioned them as one of the musical acts detrimental to the character of the United States. Fans with Cannibal Corpse tickets were left disappointed after their shows were later canceled by Russian Officials. In Germany, the band would have all of their releases banned and would be barred from performing much of their album material. Their grim tales are said to be a “musical release”, bassist Alex Webster commented “there’s nothing ever serious”. Despite backlash from government and religious organizations, Cannibal Corpse remained among the ranks of rock powerhouses like Pantera and Slayer. 1996 brought the bands most well received work yet with Vile. A polished sound yet more metal than ever, The record hit the billboard charts, unprecedented at the time. Vile was the first metal album to debut on the Billboard top 200. Nothing short of impressive, Cannibal Corpse tickets continued to sell at record numbers, consistently packing out venues. For the next ten years they would cement their position at the top of death Metal steadliy touring and releasing music.

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