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Folk pop artist Colbie Caillat was born and raised in Malibu, California and began taking vocal lessons by the time she was in sixth grade. She would find her first dose of success through her massively successful MySpace page, in which the platform led her to become the No. 1 unsigned artist for four consecutive months. She has released five studio albums; Coco in 2007, Breakthrough in 2009, All of You in 2011, Christmas in the Sand in 2012 and Gypsy Heart in 2014. Caillat has also embarked on six headlining tours of her own, the latest being 2015's "Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too" Co-Headlining Tour with Christina Perri.

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    • Discography

      Studio Albums

      Gypsy Heart (2014)
      Christmas in the Sand (2012)
      All Of You (2011)
      Breakthrough (2009)
      Coco (2007)


Colbie Caillat News

5-13-15: Known for her infectious mix of pop and folk music, Colbie Caillat will take to the road for a summer tour run beginning next month. The singer will play 31 shows between June 13 and August 28, and the average price for Colbie Caillat tickets is $114.07 on the secondary market. She'll make her most expensive tour stop at Wente Vineyards in California on August 26. Tickets for that show own a secondary average of $287.52 and get-in price of $134.

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