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Cursive Biography

With their string of literate concept albums and angular blend of emo-rock, post-hardcore and indie, Nebraska quartet Cursive were one of the most challenging bands to emerge from the alternative scene of the 90s. Frontman Tim Kasher, bassist Matt Maginn and guitarist Steve Pedersen had already performed together in Slowdown Virginia before adding drummer Clint Schnase to their line- up to form Cursive in 1995. After performing to fans with Cursive tickets at various hometown shows, the group released their debut album, Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes, in 1997, and quickly followed it up a year later with a record which told the tale of a man’s complete breakdown, The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song. Sadly for those wishing to get their hands on Cursive tickets, the band decided not to tour the album and shortly after, announced they were going their own separate ways. However, the split lasted little more than twelve months, and after expanding to a five-piece with the recruitment of guitarist Ted Stevens, the band released a split E.P. with Silver Scooter, and Cursive tickets for an accompanying tour in 1999. A year later, their third studio effort, Domestica, hit the shelves and received rave reviews for its dissection of a crumbling relationship, increasing the appetite for Cursive tickets across the country. The band once again bolstered their line-up in 2001 with the addition of cellist Gretta Cohn, who subsequently made her studio debut on the Burst & Bloom E.P. In 2002, fans snapped up Cursive tickets for their appearance on the Take Action! tour, and following the release of 2003’s highly ambitious The Ugly Organ, the band were invited by The Cure to join the likes of Interpol, The Rapture and The Cooper Temple Clause as support on their Curiosa tour. In order to continue the demand for Cursive tickets, the band’s Saddle Creek label then compiled a stopgap collection of rarities and B-sides entitled The Difference Between Houses & Homes in 2005. But Kasher and co. eventually returned to tackle themes of politics and religion on a new studio effort, Happy Hollow, and issue Cursive tickets for an accompanying tour in 2006. After focusing on their various side projects, the band regrouped in 2009 for Mama, I’m Swollen and made their national TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman. Schnase left to be replaced by Cully Symington in the same year, while in 2012, the band teamed up with Mastodon producer Matt Bayles to record a concept album about twins separated at birth, I Am Gemini, before hitting the road with the release of Cursive tickets for their biggest ever European trek.

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