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Dark Star Orchestra Biography

Named after a 1968 Grateful Dead single, Dark Star Orchestra established themselves as one of the most authentic tribute bands around thanks to their faithful recreations of the cult rockers’ live performances. Formed in Chicago in 1997 by guitarist John Kadlecik and keyboardist Scott Larned, the group first released Dark Star Orchestra tickets after adding bassist Kevin Rosen and vocalist Lisa Mackey to their line-up. With their concept of replicating a specific Grateful Dead concert in its entirety, while also adapting their voice arrangements, phrasing and specific musical equipment for its particular era, Dark Star Orchestra tickets soon became hot property on the tribute act circuit.

The demand for Dark Star Orchestra tickets soared on the eve of the group’s one-year anniversary in 1998 when Phish’s Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman joined the band on stage at a gig at their hometown venue, Martyrs’. Soon after, The Washington Post declared DSO the ‘hottest Grateful Dead tribute act going,’ and Dark Star Orchestra tickets subsequently sold out for the group’s winter tour. Despite undergoing several line-up changes, the band continued to release Dark Star Orchestra tickets for as many as 200 shows a year, while regular guest appearances from original Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and Bill Kreutzmann also saw sales of Dark Star Orchestra tickets go through the roof. In 2004, the group released the double DVD set, Live at the Fillmore, a recreation of the Grateful Dead’s 1977 set at New Haven’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which was recorded in front of hundreds of San Francisco fans with Dark Star Orchestra tickets. A year later, founding member Larned passed away, but the band vowed to carry on in his memory and eventually settled on Rob Barraco as his permanent replacement in 2007. Following the release of Dark Star Orchestra tickets for a string of tours including Road To The Roo, All Good Vibes and Like A Tumbleweed, Kadlecik left the group to focus on his new outfit, Furthur, with Lesh and Weir. But after recruiting Jeff Mattson, the band soon went back on the road, and continued to sell out Dark Star Orchestra tickets for various tours, including a 2011 run in which they celebrated performing their 2000th show.

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