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Emblem3 Biography

American pop rock and reggae band Emblem3 will be out touring performing concert shows this month across some parts of North America. Emblem3 tickets for their 8 remaining shows are still available on TicketIQ at very affordable prices as their next performance they will make a stop at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.

Emblem3 tickets for their current tour have an overall tour average of $66.55 in the secondary market as Emblem3 tickets for their November 14 show have a current average price of $65.74 in the secondary market with a get in price of $44 as limited Emblem3 tickets for this show are still available on TicketIQ.

Currently the most expensive show for Emblem3 tickets is when the band travels to Huntington, New York to perform a concert show at the Paramount Theatre on November 15. Emblem3 tickets for this show have a current secondary average price of $69.29 with a get in price of $52.

The band next scheduled performance on November 16 at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is their cheapest show for Emblem3 tickets according to TicketIQ at a current average price of $59.43 in the secondary market for this event with a get in price of $44. Their concert show at the Chameleon Club will be the last show on their tour.

Emblem3 consists of two brothers Wesley Stromberg and Keaton Stromberg from Sequim, Washington. The brothers first began doing sessions together while living in Huntington Beach, California with former band member Drew Chadwick. The trio eventually recorded an album together which they produced in their basement and would perform locally along the Sunset Strip.

The band got their first break in 2012 while auditioning in San Francisco for the second season of the show “The X Factor USA.” After auditioning, the group would be selected to go on live shows until they were eliminated in the semifinals and placing fourth overall.

However, one of the judges from the show Simon Cowell was impressed with the group and eventually signed the trio to his record label Syco Records and Columbia Records. Soon thereafter, the group began to record their debut album “Nothing to Lose” in late 2012 with their debut single “Chloe You’re the One I Want” dropping in April of 2013. Their debut album would be released in July of that year and peaked at number 7 on the Billboard charts. To date the album has sold over 70,000 copies with their second single 3,000 miles released in October of 2013.

Emblem3 toured last year to promote their music with their first ever tour called “Going Back to Cali” tour taking place in April of 2013. The band also became the opening act for Selena Gomez for her “Stars Dance” tour that began in August of 2013.

In December of 2013, Emblem3 made a homecoming performance on the show X Factor singing “Just For One Day.” Emblem3 is now a band of just two members as this past June the announced that Drew Chadwick was leaving to pursue a solo career.

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