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Faith No More Bio

The Faith No More rock band first formed in San Francisco, California in 1981. Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum, and Mike Bordin remain as the longest remaining members, involved with the group since its inception. The band went through many lineup changes early on and major changes were made much later. After recording six albums together and gaining notoriety and success, rumors began to swirl in 1998 of the band splitting, which were true. The band would break up in April of that year as members of the group looked to pursue individual projects.

However, after a decade apart the band would slowly but surely reunite and embark on their first tour in ten years called the Second Coming tour. The tour began in June of 2009 and ran for 12 legs with 87 concert shows the band would perform on an off for 5 years up until July of 2014. The band shortly after wrapping their first tour in a decade would shortly announce thereafter that a new album was in the works titled “Sol Invictus” the band first album to be released in 17 plus years. Sol Invictus the seventh studio album of the rock band is scheduled to be released in May of 2015.

A US tour is already in place to support the new album called the Soundwave Tour. The North American leg of the tour is set to kick off in April with the opening show taking place at the PNE Forum in Vancouver with dates booked through mid May.

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