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G-Eazy Bio

From Late Night With Seth Meyers, to sold out tours, and his debut album “These Things Happen” appearing at number 3 on billboard charts, G-Eazy is making himself a household name across America. The cunning California lyricist garnered much attention throughout his early career with internet hits such as “Runaround Sue” and “Loaded” gaining millions of views on YouTube. Building a reputation white attending Loyola University of New Orleans, G-Eazy tickets began to sell out citing his high energy performances and growing social media success. His success was solidified early on when he was nominated for the MtvU Best Music on Campus Woodie Award. Releasing several mixtapes throughout his college career, The Endless Summer, released in August 2011, received critical acclaim and exhibited his emerging talent as an emcee and producer. The feel good rapper, who dons a black leather jacket as sleek as his flow, G-Eazy connects with his fans on topics of life, love, and having a good time. G-Eazy tickets were in high demand after opening up for the likes of Drake and Snoop Dogg while still attending school. Upon graduating, the motivated rapper embarked on a national tour with pop duo Shwayze in 2011. G-Eazy continued to tour the country appearing on the 2012 Summer Warped Tour and co-headlining the Excellent Adventure tour with rapper Hoodie Allen. With a cult fan base and something to prove, G-Eazy independently released his debut album These Things Happen in June, 2014. The album sold 47,000 copies in its first week and selling over 100,000 copies to date. On debuting number 3 on the billboard top 200, “There was also a moment of validation. Something that we have worked so hard on, it felt like it was all worth it. I was humbled because there were people who cared about it. It was nice to know that I’m not some crazy, psycho fool who worked too much and then have it fall on deaf ears.” G-Eazy tickets were sold out for his accompanying These Things Happen tour, visiting over 40 cities throughout the US and overseas. The commercial success of the album can be attributed to G-Eazy’s persistent work ethic and the popularity of his single “I Mean It”. The hard-hitting anthem reached number 1 on Billboards Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart and national airwaves. He also performed the hit record on Late Night with Seth Meyers for his first national television appearance. In July 2014 he was one of MTV’s artists to watch. From the college circuit to the national spotlight, G-Eazy is the perfect example of talent combined with hard work. The Oakland emcee continues to do what he does best as he sets out on The Bay to the Universe tour with special guests throughout each city.

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