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Hailed as thrash metal’s answer to Spinal Tap, ever-changing Virginia collective GWAR have built a reputation as the ultimate shock rockers thanks to their grotesque stage costumes, fondness for fake blood and twisted sense of humor. Founded at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1984 by a group of musicians, artists and dancers who went onto adopt characters such as Oderus Urungus, Balsac the Jaws of Death and Flattus Maximus, GWAR claimed to be interplanetary warriors, descended from aliens stranded in Antarctica who arrived on Earth to slaughter the human race. This bizarre attention-grabbing concept ensured that GWAR tickets became hot property on the metal circuit, and after signing to Shimmy Disc Records, the band dropped their debut album, Hell-O, in 1988. Scumdogs of the Universe arrived two years later, and was promoted by an extensive national tour in which fans with GWAR tickets were often sprayed by corpses spewing bodily fluids. The demand for GWAR tickets increased considerably when Phallus In Wonderland, the video accompaniment to 1992’s America Must Be Destroyed, was nominated for a Grammy Award. But the band’s outrageous live reputation caught up with them when ringleader Dave Brockie was arrested on an obscenity charge, shortly before Athens fans with GWAR tickets were left disappointed when police shut down a show in the city. Undeterred, the band tackled themes such as necrophilia and mutation on 1994’s experimental This Toilet Earth, and after adding to their discography with 1995’s RagNaRok, ventured onto both the small and big screen with a memorable appearance on The Jerry Springer Show and a cameo in Empire Records. The band appeared to have gained even more mainstream acceptance when 1997’s Carnival of Chaos gave them a US Top 100 entry and GWAR tickets sold out for its accompanying tour. Following 1999’s We Kill Everything and 2001’s Violence Has Arrived, the group took a break to focus on various side projects, but returned in 2004 with War Party, GWAR tickets for a national tour and a slot on the Sounds of the Underground travelling festival. Performed in front of hundreds of fans with GWAR tickets, 2005’s show at Pittsburgh’s Mr Smalls was captured on disc for the Live from Mt. Fuji album, and following 2006’s Beyond Hell, the group celebrated their 25th anniversary with 2009’s Lost In Space. GWAR tickets then went on sale for a tour featuring Lamb Of God and Job For A Cowboy, while the group also found the time to star in their own FEARnet sitcom, Holliston, in between the recording of 2010’s Bloody Pit of Horror and 2013’s Battle Maximus. Despite the death of the last founding member, Dave Brockie, in 2014, the group vowed to carry on and soon after released GWAR tickets for a run of shows dubbed The Eternal Tour.

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