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In Flames News

5-13-15: Metalcore outfit In Flames is currently in the midst of a joint tour with All That Remains. The band continues its run across North America through May 22, playing seven more shows through then. Over that timespan, the average price for In Flames tickets is $132.42 on the secondary market.

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Alongside Dark Tranquility and At The Gates, In Flames were one of three Swedish bands that pioneered the sub-genre known as melodic death metal in the early 90s. The brainchild of Ceremonial Oath’s Jesper Stromblad, the group started to form in 1993 with the recruitment of guitarist Glenn Ljungstrom and bassist Johan Larsson. Mikael Stanne and Henke Forss filled in as frontmen on their debut album, Lunar Strain, and 1995’s Subterranean E.P. respectively, before vocalist Anders Friden assumed the role permanently, with drummer Bjorn Gelotte completing the core line-up just in time for 1995’s The Jester Race. The band’s set-up changed once again following the release of 1997’s Whoracle when Ljungstrom and Larsson both announced their departure, but after further appointments and reshuffles, In Flames returned triumphantly with their first Top 40 album, Colony, in 1999. In the same year, they played their first North American show, and in 2000, toured the States with Dream Theater, Slipknot and Testament to promote their fifth LP, Clayman. Recorded during a Japanese trek, live album, The Toyko Showdown, appeared in 2001, and after adding 2002’s cleaner-sounding Reroute to Remain, the group scored their first entry on the Billboard 200 with 2004’s Soundtrack To Your Escape. Following high-profile support slots with Judas Priest, Motorhead and Motley Crue, and a Main Stage performance at 2005’s Ozzfest, the group released the Used and Abused: In Live We Trust boxset, topped the Swedish charts for the first time with 2006’s Come Clarity and continued to make waves across the other side of the Atlantic with 2008’s Top 40 album, A Sense of Purpose. In 2009, founding member Stromblad was pulled out of the latter’s accompanying world tour in order to receive treatment for alcohol abuse, and a year later, announced that he was quitting the group for good. Niclas Engelin, who had briefly played with the band during the late 90s, returned to the fold as his replacement, and the group soldiered on with 2011’s Sounds of a Playground Fading, and appearances at Sonisphere, Hellfest and the Mayhem Festival. In 2014, In Flames reached a career-high peak of No.26 in the US with their prog-inspired eleventh studio effort, Siren Charms, and embarked on a global tour of the same name.

Studio Albums

Siren Charms (2014)
Sounds Of A Playground Fading (2011)
A Sense Of Purpose (2008)
Come Clarity (2006)
Soundtrack To Your Escape (2004)
Trigger (2003)
Reroute To Remain (2002)
Clayman (2000)
Colony (1999)
Whoracle (1997)
The Jester Race (1996)
Subterranean (1995)
Lunar Strain (1994)

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In Flames Tour Dates

In Flames 2015 Tour Dates

Thu 05/14/15 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA
Sat 05/16/15 at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, OH
Mon 05/18/15 at Reverb in Reading, PA
Thu 05/21/15 at Mojoes in Joliet, IL
Sat 05/23/15 at Catch The Fever Festival Grounds in Pryor, OK
Sun 05/24/15 at AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX
Fri 06/05/15 at Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg, Germany
Sat 06/06/15 at Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg, Germany
Sun 06/07/15 at Airfield Mendig in Mendig, Germany
Fri 06/12/15 at Interlaken Airfield in Interlaken, Switzerland
Sat 06/13/15 at Pannonia Fields in Nickelsdorf, Austria
Sun 06/14/15 at Donington Park in Derby, United Kingdom
Fri 06/19/15 at Boeretang in Dessel, Belgium
Fri 06/19/15 at Hellfest Grounds in Clisson, France
Sat 06/20/15 at Fredriksten Festning in Halden, Norway
Sun 06/21/15 at Boeretang in Dessel, Belgium
Sun 06/21/15 at Hellfest Grounds in Clisson, France
Thu 06/25/15 at Norrk?ping-Br?valla Airfield in Norrkoping, Sweden
Sat 06/27/15 at Tuska Open Air Festival Grounds in Helsinki, Finland
Fri 07/10/15 at Arena Ritten in Bolzano, Italy
Thu 07/16/15 at Resurrection Fest Grounds in Viveiro, Spain
Fri 07/31/15 at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany
Sat 08/08/15 at X in Herford, Germany
Sat 08/15/15 at Open Air Am Grossmarkt in Hamburg, Germany

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