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Ingrid Michaelson Biography

New York singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson gradually rose to fame through spots on various high- profile TV soundtracks before her charming blend of indie, jazz and folk began to capture the public’s attention all on its own. Born in Staten Island in 1979 to a composer father and sculptor mother, Michaelson took up the piano aged four and trained at Manhattan’s Third Street Music School before attending Binghamton University to study theater, where she also performed in a cappella group The Binghamtonics and the improv comedy troupe Pappy Parker Players. Following her graduation, she began releasing Ingrid Michaelson tickets for her own solo shows, and after building a loyal online following, she independently issued her debut album, Slow The Rain, in 2005. The appetite for Ingrid Michaelson tickets increased considerably when the music supervisor on Grey’s Anatomy discovered her work and used several of her songs on the hit medical drama. Michaelson’s music went onto become a regular fixture of TV shows and commercials, and following the release of 2006’s Girls and Boys and Ingrid Michaelson tickets for an accompanying tour, she also scored her first US Top 40 hit with “The Way I Am.” Capitalising on her momentum, she then compiled a series of rarities, live recordings and new compositions for 2008’s Be OK, sold out Ingrid Michaelson tickets for a number of intimate shows, and landed slots on both Jason Mraz’s European trek and the Hotel Café national tour. After hooking up with Sara Bareilles for a seasonal collaboration entitled “Winter Song,” she reached the US Top 20 with 2009’s Everybody, a highly autobiographical affair which was supported by the release of Ingrid Michaelson tickets for her biggest ever cross-country tour. A year later, she provided backing vocals on husband Greg Laswell’s Take A Bow LP, co-wrote Cheryl Cole’s UK Top 5 hit “Parachute,” and saw the demand for Ingrid Michaelson tickets soar when she performed in front of Barack Obama and his family at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. Ingrid Michaelson tickets were then snapped up for a 2012 tour in aid of her sixth studio effort, Human Again, which gave her a career high peak of No.5 on the Billboard 200. Featuring guest appearances from the likes of A Great Big World and Mat Kearney, 2014’s Lights Out reached the same position before Ingrid Michaelson tickets went on sale for a run of North American shows.

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