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It's often difficult maintaining a 40-year career in the ever-changing music industry, but East London heavy metal outfit Iron Maiden has done so with relative ease since first forming in 1975. The band's exhaustive discography, which includes sixteen studio albums, eleven live albums, four EPs and seven compilation records, is widely considered one of the most influential heavy metal catalogue of all-time. The sextet has held a massive fan following without the help of mass television and radio airplay, making their four decades worth of success all the more noteworthy.

Led by vocalist Bruce Dickinson and supported by Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain and Janick Gers, Iron Maiden found initial success in the early-1980s as the pioneers of New Wave heavy metal. Many of their records released throughout the '80s achieved notable success, including The Number of the Beast in 1982 and 1988's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Perhaps the band's most recognizable trait is its mascot Eddie, who has appeared on records and merchandise since their initial claim to fame in the '80s. Iron Maiden has gone on to sell more than 85 million records worldwide since first forming, and 2016's "The Book of Souls" Tour will be their 23rd headlining tour.


    Iron Maiden (1980)
    Killers (1981)
    The Number of the Beast (1982)
    Piece of Mind (1983)
    Powerslave (1984)
    Somewhere in Time (1986)
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
    No Prayer for the Dying (1990)
    Fear of the Dark (1992)
    The X Factor (1995)
    Virtual XI (1998)
    Brave New World (2000)
    Dance of Death (2003)
    A Matter of Life and Death (2006)
    The Final Frontier (2010)
    The Book of Souls (2015)

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Iron Maiden News

10-1-15: Iron Maiden have officially released the initial batch of dates on their 2016 "Book of Souls" Tour. The band will kick things off on February 24 at the BB&T Center in Fort Lauderdale, FLorida and wind through the U.S. until April 15 at The Forum in Los Angeles. A second North American leg is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. Nine dates in total have been revealed, including stops at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden in New York City, United Center in Chicago and Pepsi Center in Denver. Check out the complete list of dates in the "schedule" tab above.

9-2-15: Seminal heavy metal outfit Iron Maiden have teased a massive six-continent tour in support of their upcoming two-disc release, The Book of Souls, which will hit stores everywhere on September 4. The tour will be held throughout 2016 and the band will travel in a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo jet piloted by vocalist Bruce Dickinson. It will launch in the U.S. beginning in late-February before hitting Mexico and Central America in early-March.

Iron Maiden Performance Videos

Iron Maiden Tour Dates

2016 'The Book of Souls' Tour

Feb. 24 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ BB&T Center
Feb. 26 - Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center
Feb. 28 - Las Vegas, NV @ Mandalay Bay Events Center
Mar. 30 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
Apr. 05 - Detroit, MI @ Palace Of Auburn Hills
Apr. 06 - Chicago, IL @ United Center
Apr. 11 - Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome
Apr. 13 - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center
Apr. 15 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum

Apr. 29 – Christchurch, Australia
May 01 – Auckland, Australia
May 04 – Brisbane, Australia
May 06 – Sydney, Australia
May 09 – Melbourne, Australia
May 12 – Adelaide, Australia
May 14 – Perth, Australia
May 18 – Cape Town, South Africa
May 21 – Johannesburg, South Africa

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