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Jenny Lewis Biography

Singer-songwriter and actress Jenny Lewis is currently finishing out her “Voyager Tour” that began in July in support of her latest solo album “The Voyager” which was released on July 29. Jenny Lewis tickets are still available on TicketIQ for her 12 remaining performances at very affordable prices.

According to TicketIQ, Jenny Lewis tickets have a current overall tour average of $91.03 in the secondary market as Jenny Lewis will be performing a concert show this Wednesday November 5 at the Terminal 5 in New York City, New York. Jenny Lewis tickets for this show have a current secondary average price of $48 with a get in price of $41 and are the cheapest available tickets of her tour as limited Jenny Lewis tickets for this event are still available on TicketIQ.

Right now the most expensive show for Jenny Lewis tickets will be on December 14 when the singer will perform her last show of the year at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, California. Jenny Lewis tickets for this show have a current average price of $140.11 in the secondary market with a get in price of $76. Limited Jenny Lewis tickets for this event are still available on TicketIQ.

Jenny Lewis’s December 14 show is the only event where Jenny Lewis tickets average over $100, the second most expensive show on her tour is on December 11 when she will perform at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, California as Jenny Lewis tickets for this show have a current secondary average price of $95.90 with a get in price of $50.

Jenny Lewis was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and first began her career in acting debuting in a Jell-O commercial. She was featured in many small roles on television and appeared in many teen-themed movies such as “Troop Beverly Hills.” Jenny Lewis continued acting until 1998 with her last film “Don’s Plum” released in 2001.

In 1998, Jenny Lewis became the primary vocalist for band Rilo Kiley a group she formed with friends Pierre De Reeder, Dave Rock, and her then boyfriend Blake Sennet. The group would go on to release six albums but it wasn’t until the band was signed by Warner Bros in 2004 where the Indie rock band saw some success.

In 2004, Jenny Lewis was invited by Conor Oberst to record a solo record for a record label called Team Love. She would then later release her first solo album “Rabbit Fur Coat” with The Watson Twins providing accompaniment on the album. Her first solo album would peak at number 88 on the Billboard charts and to date has sold over 127,000 copies in the United States.

In 2008, Jenny Lewis released her sophomore solo album “Acid Tongue” but this time without the Watson Twins. Her latest album “The Voyager” took five years to complete and the album is a reflection on Rilo Kiley’s break up and the death of Jenny Lewi’s father. Her first single of the album “Just One of The Guys” was released this past June.

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