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One of America’s most celebrated singer-songwriters, John Mellencamp achieved working class hero status thanks to his blue-collar heartland rock sound and lyrical themes of everyday life. Born in Indiana in 1951, Mellencamp formed his first band, Crepe Soul, aged 14 and after graduating from Vincennes University, moved to New York to pursue a music career. His 1976 debut album, Chestnut Street Incident, attracted little attention, but the demand for John Mellencamp tickets grew considerably in 1979 when John Cougar spawned the US Top 40 hit, “I Need A Lover.” After releasing 1980’s Nothin’ Matters and What If It Did and John Mellencamp tickets for an accompanying tour, he achieved his mainstream breakthrough with 1982’s American Fool, a US number one which produced both the chart-topping single, “Jack and Diane,” and the Grammy-winning “Hurts So Good.” 1983’s Uh-Huh consolidated his new-found success, while John Mellencamp tickets became even hotter property when Rolling Stone described his permanent five-piece backing band as one of the most powerful ever assembled. In 1985, he became a founding member of the Farm Aid charity and released the 60s-rock oriented Scarecrow and John Mellencamp tickets for a tour of the same name. 1987’s The Lonesome Jubilee saw him incorporate Appalachian folk into his sound, and after 1989’s Big Daddy gave him a fifth consecutive Top 10 album, he took a two-year break to focus on his passion for painting. Fans snapped up John Mellencamp tickets when he returned in 1991 with the back-to-basics Wherever We Wanted, and after making his acting/directorial debut in Falling From Grace, he added to his tally of hit LPs with 1993’s Human Wheels and 1994’s Dance Naked. After suffering a heart attack, Mellencamp was forced to cut short his 1994 tour but returned to the stage a year later when he released John Mellencamp tickets for a tour of small Midwestern clubs under the pseudonym, Pearl Doggy. Following 1996’s experimental Mr Happy Go Lucky and 1998’s eponymous LP, he issued free John Mellencamp tickets for a Live In The Streets concert series as a thankyou to his loyal supporters. He remained just as prolific throughout the 00s, and following his 2008 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he released John Mellencamp tickets for his first ever tour Down Under and teamed up with Stephen King to produce the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County musical. In 2014, he released his 22nd studio album, Plain Spoken, and John Mellencamp tickets for an extensive North American tour.

Studio Albums

No Better Than This (2010)
Life, Death, Love And Freedom (2008)
Freedom's Road (2007)
Trouble No More (2003)
Cuttin' Heads (2001)
Rough Harvest (1999)
John Mellencamp (1998)
Mr. Happy Go Lucky (1996)
Dance Naked (1994)
Human Wheels (1993)
Whenever We Wanted (1991)
Big Daddy (1989)
The Lonesome Jubilee (1987)
Scarecrow (1985)
The Kid Inside (1983)
Uh-Huh (1983)
American Fool (1982)
Nothin' Matters And What If It Did (1980)
John Cougar (1979)
A Biography (1978)
Chestnut Street Incident (1976)

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John Mellencamp Ticket News

5-6-15: Ditching his “Cougar” nickname for his current run of shows, John Mellencamp is slated to tour across North America through August 4. The singer-songwriter makes his most expensive stop on July 15 at Southern Albert Jubilee Auditorium, where tickets currently average at $387.36 and get-in price starts at $226.

John Mellencamp Performance Videos

John Mellencamp Tour Dates

John Mellencamp 2016 'Plain Spoken' Tour

4/01 Tulsa, OK @ Brady Theater
4/04 Springfield, MO @ Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts
4/05 Davenport, IA @ Adler Theatre
4/07 Duluth, MN @ DECC Symphony Hall
4/09 Lawrence, KS @ Lied Center of Kansas
4/10 Springfield, IL @ Sangamon Auditorium
4/12 Muncie, IN @ Emens Auditorium
4/13 Huntington, WV @ Keith-Albee Theatre
4/16 Wheeling, WV @ Capitol Theatre
4/17 Erie, PA @ Warner Theatre
4/19 Hartford, CT @ The Bushnell
4/20 Portland, ME @ Merrill Auditorium
4/23 Albany, NY @ Palace Theatre

John Mellencamp Ticket Prices

Average Tour Price Since 2010:

Year Avg Price
No Better Than This(2010-12): $163.74
Plain Spoken Tour(2014): $127.29
Plain Spoken Tour(2015): $194.96

Five Most Expensive Shows on the Plain Spoken Tour:

Date Opponent Avg Price
4/24/2015 at Apollo Theater: $530.93
4/18/2015 at Count Basie Theatre: $481.76
4/21/2015 at Carnegie Hall: $406.65
4/23/2015 at Apollo Theater: $388.47
7/28/2015 at Nokia Theatre: $385.58

Five Most Expensive Shows Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
11/23/2010 at Orpheum Theatre: $586.79
4/24/2015 at Apollo Theater: $530.93
4/18/2015 at Count Basie Theatre: $481.76
4/21/2015 at Carnegie Hall: $406.65
4/23/2015 at Apollo Theater: $388.47

Five Least Expensive Shows on the Plain Spoken Tour:

Date Opponent Avg Price
1/31/2015 at Connor Palace Theatre: $92.25
4/16/2015 at Providence Performing Arts Center: $101.11
2/15/2015 at Des Moines Civic Center: $101.17
7/15/2015 at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium: $125.91
3/22/2015 at Dr. Phillips Center- Walt Disney Theater: $144.57

Five Least Expensive Shows Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
7/18/2014 at Cheyenne Frontier Days: $63.54
1/31/2015 at Connor Palace Theatre: $92.25
4/16/2015 at Providence Performing Arts Center: $101.11
2/15/2015 at Des Moines Civic Center: $101.17
8/01/2014 at the Coliseum At Caesarís Windsor: $108.83

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