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Kesha Biography

Combining brash electro-pop with a fearless sense of style and a party-loving persona, Kesha is one of the most consistent hit-makers to emerge on the scene this decade. Born in Los Angeles in 1987, she moved to Nashville with her singer-songwriter mother and brother Lagan aged four but later returned to her hometown to pursue a music career before she had even finished high school. After impressing producer Dr. Luke with two of her demos, she signed to his Kemosabe Entertainment label and spent several years behind the scenes, writing songs for The Veronicas and Britney Spears and contributing the pop hook to Flo Rida’s US chart-topper “Right Round.” In 2010, her debut single, “Tik Tok,” achieved the highest first-week sales by a female artist and spent nine weeks at number one on the US Hot 100, while parent album, Animal, also peaked at the top of the Billboard charts. After scoring a string of further Top 10 hits (“Blah Blah Blah,” “My Love Is Your Drug,” “Take It Off”), she donated the s70,000 she grossed in Kesha tickets sales for a benefit concert to the victims of the Tennessee floods, supported Rihanna on her Last Girl On Earth tour and received Best New Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Following collaborations with 3OH!3 (“My First Kiss”) and Taio Cruz (“Dirty Picture”), she then scored a second No.1 with “We R Who We R,” the lead single from her nine-track Cannibal E.P., and released Kesha tickets for a 91-date world tour named “Get Sleazy.” In 2011, she co-wrote Britney Spears’ Top 3 smash “Till The World Ends,” recorded a duet with Alice Cooper (“What Baby Wants”) and became a global ambassador for animal rights. After hooking up with The Flaming Lips on their track “2012 (You Must Be Upgraded),” she then roped in both lead singer Wayne Coyne and rock icon Iggy Pop for her second studio effort, Warrior, released Kesha tickets for a month-long co-headlining tour with ubiquitous Miami rapper Pitbull and reached No.2 in the US with “Die Young.” In 2013, she published an autobiography and filmed an MTV behind-the-scenes series, both of which were titled My Beautiful Crazy Life, continued her musical partnership with The Flaming Lips by recording an entire collaborative album named Lipsha and made another batch of Kesha tickets available for a solo tour across North America, Europe and Asia.

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