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LMFAO Biography

With the sole intention of creating music for parties, bushy-haired duo LMFAO briefly took over the world with their hedonistic and cartoonish brand of electro-pop. Regulars on the Los Angeles club scene, Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) and his nephew SkyBlue (Skyler Husten Gordy), also the son and grandson of music mogul Berry Gordy, decided to team up together under the acronym for Laughing My Freaking Ass Off in 2006. Inspired by a trip to the Miami Winter Music Conference a year later, they began to develop their anthemic dance-pop sound and after friend helped them to land a deal with Interscope Records, the pair released their debut album, Party Rock, in 2009. Their first single, “I’m In Miami Bitch,” was given a new lease on life when producer DJ Inphinity used the vocals on the track with the instrumental of DJ Chuckie’s “Let The Bass Kick In” to create the mash-up “Let The Bass Kick In Miami,” a UK Top 10 hit which was also later used as the theme tune to Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. In between guest appearances on songs by David Guetta (“Gettin’ Over You”) and The Crystal Method (“Sine Language”), and the sale of LMFAO tickets for an Asian tour across Singapore, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur, they achieved their mainstream breakthrough with their 2011 sophomore album, Sorry For Party Rocking. The album’s lead single, “Party Rock Anthem,” a collaboration with GoonRock and Lauren Bennett, topped the charts in 10 different countries. 50,000 LMFAO tickets were then made available for their performance at the Isle of MTV Malta special and after supporting Ke$ha on her “Get Sleazy” tour, they then scored a second Billboard number one with “Sexy & I Know It.” The duo appeared alongside Madonna on her 2012 Super Bowl half-time show with a medley of their biggest hits and her 2000 single “Music,” whilst they also contributed to a remix of her track, “Give Me All Your Lovin,” for a Budweiser commercial that premiered during the same event. Their North American fans were then given the opportunity to get their hands on LMFAO tickets for the first time with the announcement of their 26-date “Sorry For Party Rocking” tour. But shortly after their final date in Quebec, the pair announced they were taking a self-imposed hiatus in order to take their individual careers in different directions.

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