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Lorde Tour Tickets News

4-3-14: Lorde setlist from Lollapalooza Chile on March 30th at the Parque O'Higgins, Santiago, Chile: Glory and Gore, Biting Down, Tennis Court, White Teeth Teens, Buzzcut Season, 400 Lux, Easy (Son Lux cover), Ribs, Royals, Team, A World Alone. Lorde also performed at Lollapalooza Argentina at the Hipódromo de San Isidro, San Isidro, Argentina.

3-26-14: Lorde set list from March 24 at the WaMU theatre in Seattle, WA: Glory and Gore, Biting Down, Tennis Court, White Teeth Teens, Buzzcut Season, Swingin Party (The Replacements cover), Still Sane, 400 Lux, Bravado, Easy (Son Lux cover), Ribs, Royals, Team, A World Alone. Lorde will be at the Fox Theatre in Oakland tonight.

3-24-14: Lorde Setlist from Fillmore Auditorium on March 22nd: Glory and Gore, Biting Down, Tennis Court, White Teeth Teens, Buzzcut Season, Swingin Party (The Replacements cover), Still Sane, 400 Lux, Bravado, Easy (Son Lux cover), Ribs, Royals, Team, A World Alone. She'll be performing at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, WA tonight.

3-21-14: Lorde set list from March 20th at the Peabody Opera House: Glory and Gore, Biting Down, Tennis Court, White Teeth Teens, Buzzcut Season, Swingin Party (The Replacements cover), Still Sane, 400 Lux, Bravado, Easy (Son Lux cover), Ribs, Royals, Team, A World Alone. She'll be at the Arvest Bank Theatre tonight in Kansas City.

3-19-14: Lorde set list from March 18th at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL: Glory and Gore, Biting Down, Tennis Court, White Teeth Teens, Buzzcut Season, Still Sane, Swingin Party (The Replacements cover), 400 Lux, Bravado, Easy (Son Lux cover), Ribs, Hold My Liquor (Kanye West cover), Royals, Team, A World Alone

3-18-14: Lorde setlist from the Roseland Ballroom on March 11th: Glory and Gore, Biting Down, Tennis Court, White Teeth Teens, Buzzcut Season, Swingin Party (The Replacements cover, Still Sane, 400 Lux, Bravado, Easy (Son Lux cover), Ribs, Royals, Team, A World Alone. Lorde will be at the Aragon Ballroom tonight and tickets are available from $52.

3-12-14: According to the New York Daily News, Lorde, who performed at the Roseland Ballroom last night, provided a lackluster effort. Performing with a drummer and keyboardist, Lorde’s vocals were described as droning and dull. She opened her set with “Glory and Gore” While the Daily News seemed unimpressed, the audience did enjoy the show and will most likely enjoy the rest of her shows on her North American tour. Below is the full setlist from last night's show at the Roseland Ballroom:

Glory and Gore
Biting Down
Tennis Court
White Teeth Teens
Buzzcut Season
Swingin Party (The Replacements cover)
Still Sane
400 Lux
Easy (Son Lux cover)
A World Alone

3-4-14: Lorde rocked the Austin Music Hall last night on the first date of her first solo US tour. A limited number of Lorde tickets are available for her concert tonight at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. The average price on the secondary market is $115.75 with a get-in price of $69.

3-3-14: After months of waiting, Lorde will finally be kicking off her tour tonight in Austin, Texas. A very limited number of Lorde tickets are available for the concert at Austin Music Hall for an average price of $154.67. The average price across all dates is $124.82.

2-28-14: This will be the last weekend Lorde has to go shopping with Taylor Swift as she kicks off a two month long tour Monday night in Austin. Lorde tickets have an average secondary market price of $114.21 for her first show at Austin Music Hall and a $124.30 average price across all shows.

2-27-14: Many Lorde fans have been waiting for the young singer to finally depart on her spring tour dates. The month and a half long run kicks off on Monday night in Austin, Texas. Lorde tickets have an average price of $135.46 on the secondary market, with the first show at $113.04.

2-26-14: Tickets have been in high demand since her big night at the Grammys. No ticket on the secondary market is more in demand right now than her March 16 show at the Fillmore in Detroit. The average price for that concert is currently $602.53 with a limited number of tickets available.

2-25-14: Lorde has been relaxing since winning big at the Grammys earlier in February. The relaxing has included hanging out with Taylor Swift before she starts touring in March. Lorde tickets have an average price of $150.09 on the secondary market for her month and a half long tour.

2-24-14: “Royals” has been inescapable for many over the past six months, but Lorde has been changing the song up recently. Last week at the BRIT Awards, she performed as mashup with Disclosure of “Royals” and “White Noise.” The 19-year-old starts touring in the US on March 3 and Lorde tickets have an average price of $153.74 on the secondary market.

2-20-14: In one of the most surprising combos of the year, 17-year old New Zeland anti-pop star Lorde has expressed a desire to collaborate with country pop starlet Taylor Swift. The two have become fast friends and each have expressed public admiration of the other both in the press and social media.

2-19-14: Lorde will perform a duet with Disclosure at tho year’s Brit Awards, but they have never met and have had trouble setting up rehearsal time. They’ve only spoken via Skype to this point but neither side seems concerned. There are a few hours prior to the show for them to practice. Lorde is up for the International Female Award while Disclosure is nominated for four Brit Awards.

2-17-14: 19,905 tickets are now available for 19 upcoming North American Lorde tour dates with an overall average price of $182.57. Lorde tickets for her March 4th show at South Side Ballroom at Gilley's (formerly Palladium Ballroom - TX) are the most expensive with an average price of $859.26, which is up an incredible 602% over the last seven days. Prices, however, are likely to drop as more tickets hit the market. There are currently just 612 seats for that show available on the secondary market with prices starting at $63. Prices for her April 16th show at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan are the least expensive Lorde tickets with an average price of $87.91 and a get-in price of $56. Prices are up 1% in the last week for this show and there are 786 seats still available.

2-10-14: Lorde came out of no where to drop one of the biggest hits of 2013 in “Royals” which coincidentally is the name of tour. Lorde’s Royals Tour takes place from March to April where she will play 16 shows all across the country in addition to Canada and averages $172 as a whole. The Royals Tour still has about 18,500 Lorde tickets available on the secondary market with its lowest show having an average of $87 for its April 16th show at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan with a Get-in of $56, while its most expensive Lorde tickets are for her show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston on March 14th which is averaging an pricey $394 with a Get-in of just $78.

1-31-14: As of Friday, there are 17,298 tickets available for all of the 2014 Lorde tour dates. The average price for these tickets is $162 apiece. The least expensive upcoming tickets are for her April 16th show at The Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan. Prices for that show are currently averaging $91 per seat and the get-in is currently $73 per seat. The most expensive show on the Lorde tour is $463 for her March 10th date at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The get-in price for that show is $84 per ticket.

1-27-14: We currently have 17,551 tickets available on the secondary market for 19 upcoming shows on her 2014 North American Tour. The average price for the entire tour is $173.15. Currently, the most expensive date on Lorde's tour is her March 10th date at New York's Roseland Ballroom, where the average ticket price is $463.08. The get-in price for that date is $68 and prices are down 20% in the last seven days. The least expensive Lorde tour date is her April 16th date at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan where the average price is $91.48 and the get-in price is $61. Tickets for that show are down 24% in the last seven days.

Lorde 2014 North American Tour Dates

1/27 – Auckland, New Zealand – Silo Park
1/31 – Brisbane, Australia – R.N.A. Showgrounds
2/1 – Footscray, Australia – Footscray Community Arts Centre
2/2 – Rozelle, Australia – Sydney College of Arts
2/7 – Adelaide, Australia – Harts Mill
2/8 – Fremantle, Australia – Esplanade
3/3 – Austin, TX – Austin Music Hall
3/4 – Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom
3/5 – Houston, TX – Bayou City Theatre
3/7 – Washington, D.C. – Echostage
3/8 – Upper Darby, PA – Tower Theatre
3/11, 12 – New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom
3/14 – Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre
3/15 – Toronto, Ontario – Sound Academy
3/16 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit
3/18 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
3/20 – St. Louis, MO – Peabody Opera House
3/21 – Kansas City, MO – Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
3/22 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium
3/24 – Seattle, WA – WaMu Theater
3/26 – Oakland, CA – Fox Theater

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Lorde Biography

Before Lorde, New Zealand was famous for little more than sheep and Lord of the Rings. Now it’s equally famous as the birthplace of 17-year-old global pop phenomenon Lorde, who quietly posted her debut EP The Love Club onto the internet for free download in November of 2012. And then the world exploded. Helped along by props from Napster co-founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker (who added Lorde’s breakout hit “Royals” onto his influential Spotify playlist), the song went on to become a viral sensation that flat-out owned 2013. With radio stations flooded with requests, the song dominated airwaves as well as charts — hitting the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and cementing her status as a force to be reckoned with. Yet little is known about the life of this enigmatic teen raised in a quiet suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. As the child of an award-winning New Zealand poet and a voracious young consumer of literature, Lorde (born Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor) was reportedly reading Kurt Vonnegut at age 12 and signed a record deal with Universal at age 13. Yet for all her early success, Lorde tickets remained scarce, as barely anyone had yet to see her perform live in concert. All that changed in the summer of 2013, when a last minute cancellation resulted in Lorde slipping into the lineup at Australia’s Splendor in the Grass festival, where she performed to 10,000 fans eager to find out where they could score Lorde tickets to her next show. Lorde tickets finally became available for her first concert in North America in August 2013, when she performed to a largely music industry crowd at New York City’s 700-capacity Le Poisson Rogue. The lucky few with Lorde tickets would be introduced to an unflappable performer who is mature well beyond her years, interacting with the crowd of Lorde tickets holders through subtle smirks and hair flips. Continuing to focus on her recording, Lorde dropped her debut full-length album Pure Heroine in September 2013 as well as a 4-song Live In Concert Spotify stream for the growing legion of fans that wanted to get their hands on Lorde tickets but would have to wait until her still yet-to-be-announced tour. Meanwhile, Lorde would go on to become the first female to top the U.S. Billboard Alternative Songs chart since 1996 and, at nine weeks at the number one spot, the youngest artist to hold that spot in more than 25 years. The accolades continued to flow into early 2014, when Lorde won two Grammys for “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Solo Performance.” Lorde tickets have recently been released for a 15-market tour in March that will take the teen sensation from Texas to California, with three dates at NYC’s Roseland Ballroom among the most sought-after Lorde tickets. It was also recently announced that Lorde will be making her first major U.S. festival appearance at Coachella this April, while Lorde tickets were also released for additional dates in Phoenix and Las Vegas. In fact, Lorde tickets on the secondary market are among the top five most expensive for any female performer in 2014, which shows just how strong demand continues to be for Spotify’s “Most Viral New Artist Worldwide” of 2013. There is no doubt that Lorde has our attention. What she does with it will be among the most fascinating stories to watch in 2014.

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