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Mastodon News

11-7-14: American metal band Mastodon have been on tour for the past month as they get ready to wrap up their North American tour run tonight at the band’s hometown in Atlanta, Georgia where the band will perform at the Tabernacle. Mastodon recently released their sixth studio album “Once More Round The Sun” this past June as the album debuted at number 6 of the Billboard 200 charts, which marks their highest chart debut in the band’s history. The group has been out touring in support of their latest album ever since.

While there aren’t any available Mastodon tickets for their show tonight at the Tabernacle, the band will begin a UK run starting on November 22 as Mastodon tickets for those upcoming events are available to the public.

During Mastodon’s American tour run, Mastodon tickets had an overall secondary average price of $61.25. The most expensive show during this tour run was the band’s October 17 show at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, California. Mastodon tickets for that show had an average price of $87.00 in the secondary market, which is a 42.6% increase over their tour average.

Still, Mastodon tickets were affordable for all its North American leg tour run as Mastodon tickets were as low as $45 in average price in the secondary market. There were only a total of three concert shows where Mastodon tickets had an asking average price of over $80 in the secondary market and there were two events where Mastodon tickets had an asking average price of under $50.

Mastodon metal band first formed in early 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia and is composed of bassist Troy Sanders, guitarist, Brent Hinds, and drummer Bran Dailor. When performing three out of the four members participate in vocals, which creates a different blend of singing styles and voices as many of their songs feature progressive concepts and instrumentation.

Shortly after forming their band, the group recorded their first demo in 2000 as soon thereafter, the band landed their first record deal with Relapse Records in 2001 where they released their debut album “Remission” in 2002, which featured the singles ‘March of the Fire Ants” and “Crusher/Destroyer.” The group would then release their second studio album “Leviathan” in 2004 as the metal band received critical acclaim for their sophomore music project as it was named the album of the year by two UK music magazines.

The band has gone on to release four more albums since then, which all received much praise from music critics and were commercially successful as well peaking at respectable rankings on the Billboard 200 charts.

Their latest album “Once More Round the Sun” sold around 34,000 copies in the first week of its release that landed the album at number 6 on the Billboard Charts, making it the band’s first consecutive top 10 debut with their previous album peaking at number 10 with 39,000 units sold in 2011. Mastodon has released three singles from their new album “High Road,” “Chimes at Midnight”, and “The Motherload.”

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