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Moe Biography

Taking risks and taking names, Moe is one jam band constantly breaking musical ground. A 90s favorite, the feel good band is recognized as one of Americas most popular jam bands, among the likes of Phish and The Grateful Dead. Small town boys from Upstate New York, the five musicians have recorded over 20 albums while consistently touring the world. Al Schnier (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Rob Derhak (vocals, bass), Chuck Garvey (guitar, vocals), Vinnie Amico(drums), and Jim Loughlin(percussion) are known for their catchy Americana tunes with a funk twist. Shuffling direction and band members, Moe released a number of successful demos during their young career. In spring 1994 Headseed was released, the album allowed the guys to quit their day jobs and pursue music professionally. Jim Loughlin left the band some time after with other musical ambitions but later returned to the group some years later. On Thanksgiving weekend of 1995 Moe tickets were sold out for the bands two-night New York City shows. The live recordings would go on to be their next studio release entitled Loaf, it also served as the band’s first live commercial release. Moe fans, known as “Moe.Rons” appreciated the album, a prelude to the well crafted musicianship to come. They got their break in 1996 when they signed a record deal with 550 music, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment. Moe would finally get the chance to debut on a major label. While the 1996 No Doy release didn’t take as many chances as moe.rons expected, it received warm reviews in the public eye. The band attempted to stick to a more traditional song form yet never lost their home-style feeling. Interest in Moe tickets grew after word of their stage presence had made headlines in the rock world. The band went on to perform at a countless number of festivals all over, from Bonnaroo and Woodstock to their hometown “Moe.Down”, A three day festival at Snow Ride Ski Area in Turin New York every Labor Day weekend. Performing alongside acts like The Who or the Allman Brothers only speaks to the respect Moe garners from rock and roll greats. Al Schnier and Chuck Garvey were both were named a “Top 20 New Guitar God” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Whether they’re shredding on distorted guitars or strumming ballads, the allure of Moe is the keynote improvisational style of play. Their ability to make up new material nightly leaves fans constantly yearning for new live recordings. While Moe tickets for their own tours are more of a rarity, the band appears at a number of festivals each year. Now, Moe is back in 2014 continuing their legendary run. The year marks the legendary bands 25th year anniversary inciting a brand new album and tour. Moe tickets were launched for a fall 2014 tour visiting a number of venues from grandeur forums to intimate lounges. Solidifying their place as jam band legends, Moe will remain at the forefront of live music.

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