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The one-time frontman of the 80s most quintessential guitar band, The Smiths, outspoken singer-songwriter Morrissey then cemented his indie hero status with a solo career that proved to be poetic and provocative in equal measure. Born Stephen Patrick Morrissey in Lancashire, England in 1959, the star first began performing with the band The Nosebleeds before forging a creative partnership with guitarist Johnny Marr in 1982 that would prove to be one of the decade’s most fruitful. As the gladioli-swinging, hearing aid-wearing lead vocalist of The Smiths, Morrissey, along with Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce, went onto define the sound of British indie music, with the likes of 1984’s self-titled debut, 1985’s Meat is Murder and 1986’s The Queen is Dead all now considered classics of the genre. The group split in acrimonious circumstances following 1987’s Strangeways, Here We Come, but Morrissey wasted little time in launching a solo career, teaming up with producer Stephen Street to record his chart-topping debut, Viva Hate, just a year later. 1991’s long-awaited follow-up Kill Uncle proved to be a commercial disappointment, and Morrissey’s alleged brushes with nationalism and various behind-the-scenes feuds threatened to derail his career. However, not for the last time, Morrissey bounced back in 1994 and allowed the music to do the talking with Vauxhall and I, a critically-acclaimed affair which spawned his one and only US Hot 100 hit, “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.” Following 1995’s proggy Southpaw Grammar and 1997’s Maladjusted, Morrissey took a lengthy break from the industry before returning in style with 2004’s You Are The Quarry, which gave him his highest US chart peak, 11, and produced his biggest UK hit single, “Irish Blood, English Heart.” Morrissey’s career renaissance continued when he teamed up with David Bowie producer Tony Visconti and legendary composer Ennio Morricone for 2006’s Ringleader of the Tormentors, while 2009’s Years of Refusal saw him embrace a more stripped-down approach with impressive results. Morrissey then spent the next few years touring the world, but remained a music press fixture thanks to various questionable comments related to his support of animal rights and a best-selling autobiography in which he unsurprisingly pulled few punches. Despite previously announcing plans to retire in 2014, Morrissey then added to his catalog with World Peace is None of Your Business before heading out on an accompanying tour in 2015.

Morrissey Discography

Studio Albums
Viva Hate (1988)
Kill Uncle (1991)
Your Arsenal (1992)
Vauxhall and I (1994)
Southpaw Grammar (1995)
Maladjusted (1997)
You Are The Quarry (2004)
Ringleader of the Tormentors (2006)
Years of Refusal (2009)
World Peace Is None of Your Business (2014)

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Morrissey Ticket News

4-14-14: Former Smiths frontman, Morrissey has released the track listing for his upcoming album entitled “World Peace Is None Of Your Business”
1. "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"
2. "Neal Cassady Drops Dead"
3. "Istanbul"
4. "I'm Not A Man"
5. "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet"
6. "Staircase At The University"
7. "The Bullfighter Dies"
8. "Kiss Me A Lot"
9. "Smiler With A Knife"
10. "Kick The Bride Down The Aisle"
11. "Mountjoy"
12. "Oboe Concerto"

3-3-14: After a rough year which saw him cancel many tour dates, and the delay of his auto biography; things are still going well for Morrissey in 2014. He recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his upcoming album and upcoming tour. And so far, fans should expect both to arrive as planned.

Morrissey Performance Videos

Morrissey Tour Dates

Morrissey 2016 Tour Dates

August 16 — Berlin, Germany @ Tempodrom
August 20 — Manchester, England @ Manchester Arena
September 17 — Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
September 20 — Louisville, KY @ Palace Theatre
September 22 — Philadelphia, PA @ Tower Theater
September 24 — Brooklyn, NY @ Kings Theatre
September 28 — Tokyo, Japan @ Orchard Hall
September 29 — Tokyo, Japan @ Orchard Hall
October 1 — Yokohama, Japan @ Bay Hall
October 2 — Osaka, Japan @ IMP Hall
October 6 — Hong Kong, China @ MacPherson Stadium
October 12 — Jakarta, Indonesia @ Senayan Golf Driving Range
October 15 — Singapore City, Singapore @ Marina Barrage
October 18 — Bangkok, Thailand @ Moonstar Studio
October 22 — Melbourne, Australia @ Festival Hall
October 16 — Adelaide, Australia @ Thebarton Theatre
October 28 — Canberra, Australia @ Royal Theatre
October 29 — Wollongong, Australia @ WIN Centre
October 31 — New Castle, Australia @ Civic Theatre
November 9 — Irvine, CA @ Bren Events Center
November 11 — Reno, NV @ Grand Theatre
November 14 — Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater
November 16 — Dallas, TX @ McFarlin Auditorium
November 17 — San Antonio, TX @ Tobin Center
November 19 — Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall
November 23 — El Paso, TX @ Abraham Chavez Theatre

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