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Ne-Yo Biography

Not only one of the most successful male R&B vocalists of the 21st Century, ladies’ man Ne-Yo has also become an acclaimed hitmaker for several of his female counterparts. Born Shaffer Chimere Smith in Camden, Arkansas in 1982, he moved to Nevada with his mother aged five and after attending the Las Vegas Academy, he joined short-lived R&B quartet Envy. After a solo deal with Columbia Records later fell through, he concentrated on writing for other artists such as Christina Milian, Youngstown and Marques Houston, but it was Mario’s 2005 nine-week US chart-topper, “Let Me Love You,” that gave him his breakthrough, attracting the attention of Jay-Z, who signed him to Def Jam. Adopting the Ne-Yo moniker after producer Big D Evans claimed he saw music in the same way Neo saw the Matrix, he then topped the Billboard charts with his 2006 debut album, In My Own Words, and lead single, “So Sick.” In 2007, he repeated the feat with sophomore Because Of You, performed at a fundraiser for Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign and released Ne-Yo tickets for a tour of Japan as well as setting up his own production company, Compound Entertainment. Having already written her Top 10 hit “Unfaithful,” he then duetted with Rihanna on “Hate That I Love You” and later penned her hit ballads, “Take A Bow” and “Russian Roulette,” to add to a growing collection of successful writing credits which also included Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” 2008’s Year Of The Gentleman spawned the double Grammy-winning “Miss Independent” and after guesting on tracks by the likes of New Kids On The Block, Keri Hilson and 50 Cent, he followed it up with 2010’s Libra Scale. His UK fans then snapped up Ne-Yo tickets for his 2011 arena tour, the same year he also branched into movies with roles in Red Tails and Battle: Los Angeles, reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for a second time with Pitbull collaboration, “Give Me Everything,” and was appointed Senior Vice President of A&R at Motown Records. In 2012, he helped to launch the career of his protégé, Conor Maynard, teamed up with Calvin Harris on the club hit, “Let’s Go,” and released his sixth studio effort, R.E.D., whilst Ne-Yo tickets became hot property when he was confirmed to headline the Birthday Tribute Concert of his musical idol, Michael Jackson.

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