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Neon Trees Ticket News

6-4-15: The July leg of the An Intimate Night Out with Neon Trees Tour features concerts with Coin & Fictionist. The first show on July 9th at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida averages $85.90 with a get-in price of $41 on the secondary market. The tour visits Tennessee, Ohio, Washington (DC), New York and Boston with the least expensive coming in New York at Irving Plaza. Tickets for this June 22nd performance average $69.94 with a get-in price of only $48.

6-2-15: In just 6 days the An Intimate Night Out with Neon Trees Tour kicks off and will feature with Alex Winston for all of the June shows. Tickets for June 6th at The Showbox in Seattle, WA average $52.77 with a get-in price of $24 on the secondary market. They will follow the tour opener with performances at The Filmore in San Francisco (June 9) and the Boulevard Pool At The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas (June 12).

5-7-15: Pop rock outfit Neon Trees is getting intimate this summer. The band is slated to begin the “Intimate Night with Neon Trees” Tour next month and will wind around North America through the end of July. According to TicketIQ, the average secondary price for Neon Trees tickets is $79.91. The top-priced show will be held on June 22 at The Ready Room in St. Louis, where tickets average at $131.33 and get-in price is $108.

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