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Pixies News

5-13-15: The Pixies will continue their spring tour run through the middle of June, playing 14 more shows through June 13. Over their remaining month-long road stint, the average price for Pixies tickets on the secondary market is $87.74. The band's most expensive show will be at the Beacon Theatre on May 26, where tickets average at $110.16 and get-in price is $54.

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Why Buy Pixies Tickets On TicketIQ

Widely considered one of the most influential rock bands of the last three decades, the Pixies have fused elements of noise pop, hard rock, psychedelia and surf pop to hone an innovate sound they have called their own since forming in 1986. Three of the group’s four founding members still remain in the band and lead vocalist Black Francis, lead guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering are all listed in the current lineup. The Pixies have released five studio albums in their nearly 30-year history, with 2014’s “Indie Cindy” being its first full-length since 1991’s “Trompe le Monde”.

The band’s first official recording was the 1987 EP “Come On Pilgrim”. Along with its five studio LPs, the Pixies have released four EPs, with “EP2” and “EP3” both dropping in 2014. The resurgence of the band and its new material has sparked a greater demand for Pixies tickets as it tours North America. The Pixies have been monumentally influential to other big-name rock acts like Nirvana, Weezer, Radiohead and Bush. Since their first release in 1987, the Pixies have sold nearly 2 million records.

After disbanding in 1993, the group returned to the stage following an 11-year hiatus in 2004. The Pixies have credited Husker Du, Iggy Pop and The Cars as major influences on its sound and lyrical composition. The Pixies continue to tour extensively, making Pixies tickets a high-demand purchase when the band tours both nationally and globally.

Surfer Rosa (1988)
Doolittle (1989)
Bossanova (1990)
Trompe le Monde (1991)
Indie Cindy (2014)

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Pixies Tour Dates

Pixies Tour Dates

Fri 05/15/15 at The Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY
Sat 05/16/15 at The Shoe in Cincinnati, OH
Sun 05/17/15 at Masonic Auditorium in Cleveland, OH
Tue 05/19/15 at Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY
Thu 05/21/15 at Flynn Center For The Performing Arts in Burlington, VT
Fri 05/22/15 at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY
Sat 05/23/15 at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ
Sun 05/24/15 at City Hall Plaza in Boston, MA
Tue 05/26/15 at Beacon Theatre in New York, NY
Wed 05/27/15 at Beacon Theatre in New York, NY
Thu 05/28/15 at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NY
Sun 06/07/15 at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, ON
Tue 06/09/15 at Meadow Brook Music Festival in Rochester, MI
Wed 06/10/15 at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion @ Northerly Island in Chicago, IL
Fri 06/12/15 at Mud Island Amphitheatre in Memphis, TN
Sat 06/13/15 at Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, IN
Mon 06/15/15 at Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary, NC
Wed 06/17/15 at Mann Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia, PA

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