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Rick Ross Biography

Inspired by the likes of The Notorious B.I.G. and Luther Campbell, Florida-based rapper Rick Ross has become one of the most imposing figures on the contemporary hip-hop scene. Born William Leonard Roberts II in Coahoma County, Mississippi in 1976, he then moved to the Miami suburb of Carol City before attending Albany State University on a football scholarship. During the 90s, he named himself after the drug trafficker Freeway Rick Ross (who would later unsuccessfully attempt to sue him for copyright infringement), formed a local rap outfit named Carol City Cartel and worked as a correction officer, a job he later briefly denied taking on when photos of him in his uniform were published by The Smoking Gun. After signing with the Slip-n-Slide label, fans wanting to buy Rick Ross tickets for his live shows could see him support Trina and Trick Daddy on their North American tours, whilst in 2006, he topped the Billboard charts with his first album, Port Of Miami and scored hits with debut single, “Hustlin”’ and the Scarface-sampling “Push It.” In 2008, he hooked up with the likes of R.Kelly (“Speedin’”), T-Pain (“The Boss”) and Nelly & Avery Storm (“Here I Am”) on Trilla and followed it up with 2009’s Deeper Than Rap before founding his own label imprint, Maybach Music Group, and releasing the first record with side-project, Triple C’s (Custom Cars & Cycles). In the same year, he also began a long-running feud with 50 Cent after claiming that the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star had ‘looked at him the wrong way’ at the BET Awards, leading to both parties releasing a string of ‘diss’ tracks. 2010’s Teflon Don became his first album to fail to reach the US top spot but that didn’t stop MTV from awarding him the title of Hottest MC In The Game a year later. Rick Ross tickets then went on sale for his first major European tour ahead of the release of his sixth studio effort, God Forgives, I Don’t, which also gave him his first UK Top 10 entry. In 2012, he announced he was working on a mix-tape with Drake entitled YOLO, whilst Rick Ross tickets were snapped up for a 23-date North American tour also featuring the likes of Wale and Meek Mill.

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